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Concierge Offers


This is the good part.  We scour the wine world looking for things that excite us.  It could be an allocation for an iconic Burgundy, an over-performing Barolo producer, an innovative young Argentinian winemaker, a library release from a Bordeaux chateau, or just a really great deal on some great wine.   As we find things that excite us, we pass them on to you.


Sourcing and Provenance


While our reach as a company allows us access to many avenues, we only work with the most trusted sources where we can be certain of the provenance of the wine.  We stay as close to the source as possible – never buying from auctions or personal cellars.




All our offers are made pre-arrival.  Sometimes, the wine already may be in our stores or warehouse.  At other times, the wines may be at a winery in Europe. Depending on where the product is when the offer is made, delivery times will vary.  Each offer will state the estimated delivery window. Pre-arrivals allow us to offer the best prices possible and more efficiently direct the wines into the hands of the right customers.


Payment/In-Store Pickup


To secure an order for a Concierge Offer, we require full payment.  When the wine is ready for pickup at your preferred location, we will send you a “ready for pickup” notification via email. Please bring a valid ID and the (hard or soft) copy of your “ready for pickup” notification.



Bordeaux Futures


What are Bordeaux Futures and why should I buy them?


Buying Bordeaux Futures, also known as en primeur, refers to purchasing wine that is still in barrel and has yet to be bottled. For over 200 years, the top châteaux in Bordeaux have offered their wines for sale prior to release, but the process only caught on in the United States in the 1980s. Futures present the first opportunity to purchase wines from the new vintage before they are released to the market.


Why should you buy Bordeaux Futures from Concierge Sales?


Because no other retailer offers all of the advantages that we have - We are an established company, with over 150 stores nationwide and more opening every year. Our customers come first and the delivery of your wines is our top priority.


We offer some of the lowest prices available in the United States - Total Wine & More is acutely aware of the market and will work hard to pass along the best pricing available to us.


Just 50% down - We are the only retailer that offers this in the country. Everyone else requires a 100% payment up front for their futures. This deposit will reserve your wines until they are released by the châteaux.


No shipping fee - Your wines will be delivered to your preferred Total Wine & More store.



How do I sign up to receive offers regarding Bordeaux Futures?


Simply register now to receive email alerts for Bordeaux Futures.

As Bordeaux futures are released by the châteaux this spring, we’ll update our registered customers with emails about availability.

We’ll share details on the wines offered, including early reviews from publications such as Wine Advocate and Wine Spectator, pricing and the opportunity to purchase.


How do I place an order?


Bordeaux futures will not be available for purchase in our stores, but only through the Concierge Sales department.


In keeping with Total Wine & More’s commitment to value, we’ll ask you to deposit just 50% of the purchase price when you make your selections, and complete the payment when the wines have arrived in our warehouse. Once the remaining payment has been processed, your order will be delivered to your preferred Total Wine & More store, free of charge. 



Private Consultation


Whether you are a long time collector in search of something specific or just beginning your journey of wine, reach out to us for a free private consultation.


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