Why Buy: How rare is rare? Only one – yes, one – barrel (barrel #578) was laid down to make this powerful, 125-proof, 7-year old whiskey, the latest masterpiece from one of the greatest independent craft distillers of our time. As its partnerships with Rolls Royce and the 5-star Peninsula Hotel have shown, and as ecstatic reviews from Maxim and Forbes attest, Wolves has entered the exalted upper ranks of whiskey producers, and its long, slow distillations, which are produced in super-small batches with a Cognac still, are becoming the stuff of legend.

What They’re Saying:Wolves Whiskey,” Forbes wrote recently, “continues to define luxury American single malt whiskey.”

Specs: A two-row malted barley and California yeast mash that was matured in heavily-toasted American oak and Hungarian oak heads. 

The Bottle: The epitome of quiet luxury, Wolves bottled this in premium French-cut glass and hand-wrapped the exterior in bespoke Italian sheepskin leather.

The Story: The backbone of all Wolves whiskeys is an old, slow alembic pot still imported from Cognac in 1983. Wolves likes to say that terroir exists in whiskey, and that an American single malt made in California will not taste the same as one made in Vermont or in Texas. And this distinctive bottling is certainly proof of their thesis. Distilled by a 13-generation master distiller, Wolves Whiskey is produced in super-small batches that cannot be replicated making it a testament to the art of crafted American spirits.

Our Tasting Notes: On the nose, this is a heady swirl of molasses, oats, orange peel, red fruits, and baking spices. And one of the great things about this whiskey is that the tease of those first olfactory impressions is not simply delivered upon, but deepened, on the palate, which brims with a rich, matured mix of brown sugar, tropical fruits, toasted oats, and toffee. The finish is beautifully handled, extending the hints of sweetness and sending you off on a gentle wave of warm spice.

ABV: 62.5% (125 proof).

Fun Fact: The 7 Year is the first ever single barrel bottled by Wolves Whiskey, producing the brand's smallest yield to date. Once it's been sold through, the liquid will be retired to the Wolves' archive. With only 200 bottles in this collection, time is limited on this special run.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the estate, so rest assured: your whiskey will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Order yours today!


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