21 Year 'The Béhôlden' Single Malt Whiskey

Vermont, USA


Folks, some big news:

You probably know WhistlePig as the maker of some of the oldest, and greatest, rye whiskeys in the world.

But they also happen to make some sterling single malts, and we were fortunate to have secured an allocation of an ultra-rare treasure: WhistlePig 21 Single Malt Whiskey - The Béhôlden. (If you’re wondering about the diacritical marks, those are the brand’s – proof that when you're this good, you can be as cheeky as you want to be.)

Aged more than twice as long as any other American single malt – the 21 Year was aged in WhistlePig's famous rye casks.

What matters, of course, is what that aging is able to deliver, and folks, let me tell you: this is a big, complex whiskey – a whiskey with the dials turned all the way up (richness! nuttiness! spice!), but so mature, and so poised, that no one element is allowed to dominate; time has worked its magic, and woven it together so seamlessly

You could spend hours with your friends, just teasing out all the many notes that hit the palate and then recede, except that it's much more fun to let the whiskey do its thing and just sit back and enjoy the confident and authoritative ride.

Quantity is extremely limited, so hurry to secure one of the most thrilling single malts out there right now!


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