American single malts are having quite a run of it, and perhaps no producer has been more integral to the moment, or the movement, than the great Westward Whiskey.

We've had our eye on these kickass craft distillers out of Portland, Ore., for some time now, and are proud, and privileged, to have secured an allocation of what we believe to be their finest effort to date.

What Westward has done with this exceptional bottling is to give their excellent single malt whiskey a thrilling finish — literally. 

They took that whiskey — made with a base of 100% Pacific Northwest-grown malted barley, sourced just miles from the distillery, and fermented with ale yeast — and finished it for a year in Casa Magdalena casks, an all-natural, cane-to-glass Guatemalan rum that takes advantage of a low, slow fermentation process to become rich and exquisite. 

The result? A 100-proof whiskey that belongs to its own category of spirit.

You might think the sweetness lent by the long rum finish would nudge aside the strong-bodiedness of the malt, but not at all. The malt more than stands its ground, and the two verrrrry different profiles play off one another in surprising and delightful ways. 

The vivid nose, with its hints of orange zest and honey, gives way to a rich palate of tropical fruit, butterscotch, caramel, coconut, and white peach, and ends with a long and lingering note of tangerine, molasses, and waffle cone.

There are a lot of rum-finished whiskeys out there right now, believe me — we've tried them all. But this one stood out to us from the very first sip.

Christian Krogstad, Westward's Master Distiller, has a joke he likes to tell, in part to try to bring some of the Pacific Northwest's legion of craft beer loyalists over to the distilling side of things. Single malt whiskey, he says, is beer that's finally achieved its higher purpose.

We don't know about that, but Christian, you continue to craft whiskeys that achieve their own higher purpose. And we couldn't be more excited to have this partnership with you and your team, and to bring the singularity of your work to a larger audience.

Folks, this one's special. We see many long hours of slow-sipping bliss in your future.

But hurry; our allocation is limited!


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