Maybe you're skeptical of American whiskeys. Maybe you think there's no point in paying good money for something that, in relative terms, is only just getting off the ground, whereas the Scots have been doing this for, like, centuries. I get it.

But let me just ask you: have you ever tried the whiskeys of Westland?

This Seattle, Washington, distiller is one of the leaders of the American Single Malt movement, and for the simplest of reasons: they make some damn fine whiskeys, let me tell you.

Their tag line is "thoughtfully made," and it's not just hype. Start with the foundations. Unlike the vast majority of distillers, which use "malted barley," Westland makes use of five different barley malts: Munich Malt, Washington Select Pale Malt, Brown Malt, Pale Chocolate Malt, and Extra Special Malt. They also swear by a long, slow fermentation process that begins with Belgian Saison brewer's yeast, as opposed to the Type M distiller's yeast the Scottish distillers use. When it comes time for distillation, water from the nearby Cedar River is run through their custom copper pots, which look like a cross between a traditional pot still and a continuous column still.

What makes this single cask beauty so distinctive and memorable — not to mention so highly sought-after in the marketplace — is that it was only aged entirely in a port wine cask, typically favored for finishing.

We've long been fans of Westland, but with this single cask offering they have reached another gear, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have acquired a small allocation.

The port casking imbues this dram with rounded depths, from the rich nose of milk chocolate, caramel, candied ginger, cherries, and oak to the complex palate, a marvelous weave of mulled cider, black pepper, and cherry tart.

Folks, if you've yet to try a Westland whiskey, this is your chance to make an incredible discovery. And if you're already in the tank for these passionate Seattle craftsmen, then you just need to know that this single cask project represents the ultimate path for this superlative distillery, in its exhilarating blend of tradition and innovation.

We're able to offer special Concierge Family pricing on this special bottle, but for only the next week, so hurry.


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