While many still equate single malt with Scotch, distilleries in the U.S. and Japan are offering their own twist to this whiskey favorite—and there is now a clear surge in demand here in the States for some of their celebrated bottlings. One of the distilleries at the forefront of this recent trend is the Seattle-based Westland Distillery, and publications are taking serious note.

Whisky Advocate identifies Westland Distillery as one of only a handful of names that can be credited for pioneering the coveted American single malt. Wine Spectator lists Westland as one of the most exciting craft whiskey brands based in the U.S. And now after being named World Craft Producer of the Year at the 2016 World Whiskies Awards, we can easily say that Westland has secured its place among the top whiskey distilleries in the country.

Founded in 2010, Westland is known for locally sourced ingredients, including prized Pacific Northwest barley. After initial production, Westland quickly established a core range of expressions, including peated whiskeys and sherry-aged whiskeys, yet the team at Westland continued to experiment, innovate, and produce limited bottlings that are must-have collector items. Which brings us to today’s featured whiskey: a single cask single malt, with just a little over 200 bottles produced!

Our single cask is sourced from barrel number 4857. Starting with their signature five-malt barley bill, the Westland team finished the single malt in a Muscat cask, thus balancing traditional flavors with sweeter notes and nuance. Matured in oak for a total of just under 8 years, the whiskey was bottled at cask strength. On the nose is fresh cut grass with aromas of watermelon, ample candy, cherry and coffee ice cream while the palate is full of rich and delectable flavors, including cherry candy and sweet oak.

With such a limited number of bottles produced, this is sure to go fast. Don’t miss out on your chance to add a single malt collectible from one of the whiskey world’s most exciting trendsetters.


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