James Suckling might make his living heaping words of praise upon wines, but it's not often he's moved to reach for gobsmacked superlatives. 

He was, though, here, with the 2020 Torbreck Shiraz Barossa The Struie.

"Wow," Suckling wrote, in his 98-point love letter, going on to praise it for being "flavorful and chewy," with "lots of center palate," and "great structure and length."

We were moved to procure a bottle, and can confirm that this is, indeed, a tour de force, one of the finest and most rewarding wines to have come out of Australia in recent years.

No surprise, when you consider the source. Torbreck has impressed us for years with its commitment and conscientiousness. This is a winery that understands, fundamentally, that great winemaking is in both the macro (balancing the elements of nature and reconciling the needs of both the art and the market) and the micro (minding the various details of vineyard and cellar). It has married a keen understanding of its terroir with methods that strike a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

 And it has done all this while — quite incredibly, if you ask me — keeping its prices low.

A 98-point powerhouse from a producer with a long trail of credits for less than $45 a bottle? That's a DEAL, and a wine you should be looking to buy by the case.

This is a versatile red that you can sip contemplatively by the fire, savoring its complexity and depth, but it's also — the Torbreck signature — a crowd-pleaser, the kind of wine to break out for a dinner party, where it's certain to have your guests asking you to show them the label.

Act now to secure yours today!



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