Sipping rums have never been more popular or more sought-after by collectors around the world, and The Royal Cane Cask Company has not just been at the forefront of that explosion – it’s been one of the drivers. 

This is a team of primed palates and savvy scouts who scour the globe in search of ultra-rare, old, and sometimes forgotten casks. As they journey from Jamaica to Japan, from Australia to Venezuela, from South America to the U.S., they operate with a clear directive: that each rum the company releases is limited to but a single cask.

Today, we're privileged, and proud, to bring you a trio of their finest recent discoveries: a Foursquare 20 Year from 2002; a Clarendon 23 Year from 1999; and a Trinidad 22 Year from 2000.

The most hotly-awaited is the single cask Barbados rum from Foursquare Rum Distillery. Foursquare has been on quite a run, and not a brief one. Dubbed the "Pappy of Rum" by Wall Street Journal bestselling author and rum authority Fred Minnick, it has been named ‘Rum Producer of the Year’ an unprecedented four years in a row by the prestigious International Spirits Challenge.

What makes this one special is that it's one of the very few pot still rums that's this old. After distillation, it was filled into an American white oak cask at the distillery, then shipped to the UK for further maturation in the historic old docks of Liverpool.

This is a 20-year-aged, molasses-based rum bottled at 102 proof, and a flat-out prize possession.

The Clarendon is a 102-proof, pot still Jamaican rum, and exceptionally rare – only 112 bottles were produced. It aged in an American white oak cask for 19 years (19 tropical years, which are akin to 38 years of non-tropical aging). In 2018, it, too, traveled to Liverpool for an additional 4 years of maturation.

On the palate, it's gentle and smooth, with a warm, floral character that plays against the deep, oaky strength.

Last but not least: a 22-Year from Trinidad Distillers Limited, renowned for their rich and flavorful column distillates. This is a molasses-based rum, 110 proof, that spent 15 years in American white oak at TDL before making the trip to Liverpool, where it aged an additional 7 years.

This has an ineffable creaminess, complemented by an array of spice notes, from licorice to cinnamon to allspice, that extends all the way from the nose to the long, smooth finish.

These are single cask rums of deep and exquisite refinement. Act now, though: our quantities are limited.



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