As one of the world’s most heralded single malts over the last 15 years, BenRiach produces some of the most eclectic and sought-out whiskies coming out of Speyside, home of such iconic names as Macallan, Glenlivet and Balvenie. Considering the distillery was closed as recently as 2002, the turnaround has been remarkable, with BenRiach quickly being named Distillery of the Year by Malt Advocate in 2007 and awarded the Global Whisky Distiller of the Year by the World Whiskies Awards in 2015. With an uninterrupted inventory dating back over 40 years, the distillery is setting the example in cutting-edge innovation as well as producing unconvetional Speyside-rarities, including seldom-seen peat-influenced expressions - creating a demand that has whisky lovers and collectors around the globe gobbling up their limited production. And with matured whiskies that carry lengthy age statements commanding unprecedented prices (think Balvenie 30 Year at $800+ a bottle, or Macallan 30 Year for several thousand) today's offers from BenRiach are some of the best values coming out of Scotland. 

Having a history and tradition that dates back to 1898, BenRiach was originally a victim of unfortunate timing, closing just two years after the distillery opened due to the infamous Pattison Crash (the Scotch Whisky speculation bubble), which triggered a barrage of closures, contractions and output reductions throughout the Scotch Whisky industry. Mothballed for over 60 years, BenRiach still provided its sister distillery, Longmorn, malted barley from its floor maltings during this time. Yet a whisky renaissance in the middle of the 20th century spurred a new golden age for Scotch Whisky and suddenly new distilleries were being commissioned and shuttered distilleries were re-opened, including BenRiach, which was completely refurbished by Glenlivet. Flash forward to 2004, the new independent owners began to innovate by staying true to tradition, using some of their casks from Warehouse 13, the original and oldest dunnage warehouse at the distillery, and including them in some of their rarest and oldest expressions.

With a diverse collection of bourbon barrels, virgin oak casks, Pedro Ximenez and red wine casks that bring out distinct flavors in each of their expressions, BenRiach is the only malt whisky distillery in Scotland crafting unpeated, peated and triple distilled single malt whisky. So for this Father’s Day weekend, we found the perfect opportunity to offer four bottlings from The BenRiach Distillery at unbelievable prices, with up to 25% off, including two from their peated range, the Temporis 21 Year and Authenticus 30 Year. The latter was recently awarded 98 Points and the coveted Chairman’s Trophy at this year’s Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Available through this weekend only, don’t miss this chance to add any or all of these whiskies to your collection or purchase as a special gift for a steal!




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