If you're a member of the Concierge Family, then Marco Bacci probably needs no introduction. 

One of the best Brunello makers in all of Tuscany, Bacci, the power behind the powerhouse producer Tenuta di Renieri, has the distinction of having produced a 100 point wine (a Renieri Brunello, from 2010) and, last year, of snagging the #1 ranking on Total Wine's Top 20 of 2020, for Renieri's excellent Invetro. 

Bacci's particular expertise is the ability to produce terroir-driven wines that speak of time and place, and — not least — to do it at tremendous value, in vintage after great vintage.

Today we bring you two rich, robust reds from his portfolio, both from Tenuta di Renieri: his 96-point Mega 2018, which we're offering for a best price of under $45 a bottle; and his 93-point Grido 2018, which, with our Concierge Family discount, comes in at just under $30 a bottle.

Vital to the quality of expression of these wines — and to the longstanding success of the estate — is the soil at Tenuta di Renieri. Located in the commune of Castelnuovo Berardenga, the 60 acre property is situated on land that could hardly be more optimal for the production of quality wine: predominantly volcanic, with bits of stone and clay in the mix as well, it makes for a rich, complex composition that brings structure and depth to the wines, as well as a distinctively earthy, minerally character that we turn to this region of Tuscany to find. 

The throwback methods that have made their Brunellos so special are reprised here, with an emphasis on labor-intensive, hands-on work and low-yields. Harvesting is done entirely by hand, and each plot is vinified separately. What's more, no more than 6000 vines are permitted per hectare — an exceptionally small number. Not only does this allow for better health of the vines, it also ensures wonderfully ripe fruit.

The Mega is a blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Sangiovese, and, as we discovered in our tastings, that Cab does powerful work. Suckling raved over it, noting the "very beautiful" currants and blackberries on the palate, and singling out a "superb tannin structure that’s balanced and refined, yet powerful."

He also noted that it will be "better after 2026," an assessment to which we would just add that we think it should deliver amply on that score, as those excellent tannins work their subtle magic.

Bacci calls his Grido a "meditation wine," in other words, a bottle that is meant to be sipped and savored, slowly, over the hours — which, I don't have to tell you, is not at all the descriptor you expect to come across in a wine under $30. This is 100% Merlot, big, rich, and impeccably balanced. Suckling hailed its "firm, chewy tannins and ... long, succulent finish. Give it a year or two to come together, but clear and beautiful already."

We're offering both of these savory, powerful reds, and at these excellent prices, for this week only. So act now!



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