Why Buy: We’re proud to bring you exclusive early access of the return of Old Scout 7-Year Bourbon, one of the most in-demand bourbon releases this century. This is a high-rye, 99-proof, 7-year-aged bourbon, blended in limited, hand-selected batches – a bourbon for bourbon lovers, delivering all the distinctiveness and singularity of a true, craft-conscious independent

The Story: Over a decade ago, Old Scout came out of nowhere to capture the imagination of bourbon drinkers across the country. A tiny independent whisky maker from West Virginia named Smooth Ambler had produced a 7-year bourbon that seemed to have caught magic in the bottle, that's how rich and smooth and balanced it was. That 0S7 release went viral, demand spiked, and a growing cadre of fans panted for more. But there was no more – that was it; a dazzling one-off; the company hadn't anticipated success on such a dizzying scale, and quite literally ran out of its adored, 7-year bourbon. Those bottles became rare collectors' items, and the name Old Scout 7-Year became an insta-legend. Bourbon fans spoke about it with wistful nostalgia, as if they were referring to a brand that had shuttered half a century ago. Long live Old Scout. But Old Scout didn't die. It lives again. And we're so thrilled to be here for the renaissance.

Mash Bill: 60% corn; 36% rye; 4% malted barley.

Our Tasting Notes: Rye is a pronounced presence here, giving the drink a bold, spicy, and herbal character, along with a palate that is far more complex and nuanced than many bourbons. Beneath the rich smoothness you'll pick up on an array of flavor notes, including apple, leather, and cherry pipe tobacco. Even more remarkable to us than the complexity of the palate is the softness of the attack – no easy feat, when you're working with rye. The benefit of extended aging is highlighted on the finish, which has a rare gentleness and maturity. An exceptionally drinkable, companionable, and versatile bourbon, and particularly for being 99 proof.

ABV: 49.5% (99 proof), and non-chill filtered.

Fun Fact: When co-founder John Little and his father-in-law, neither had any experience whatsoever in distilling. Everything they came to know, they learned on their own, by trial and error.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your bourbon will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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