Why do we love Shibui whiskies?

In part because the folks behind this shooting star of a label are cask hunters of the most passionate kind, relentless in their quest for quality and distinction. For their much-coveted Okinawa range, that means searching far and wide throughout Japan for great and sometimes forgotten casks from superior, if sometimes unheralded, distilleries. We also love that they're completely upfront about their production practices — a welcome admission at a time when some companies are playing fast and loose with their labeling.

But all that passion and transparency would be nothing if there wasn't a major payoff in the glass.

And what has us and many others in thrall to Shibui (in a little over two years since it launched, in 2020, it has taken home a staggering number of awards at international competitions) is how pure and precise and sneakily powerful these whiskies are.

We're proud to report that we've just secured allocations of three of the finest in their portfolio:

their Pure Malt Whisky Nokoribi Kara, which Whisky Advocate, in its recent roundup, “6 Superb Japanese Whiskies To Try Now,” praised for its subtle layeredness,

their Pure Malt Whisky Nokoribi Kara Lightly Peated 10 Year, aged in ex-bourbon casks

their Rare Cask Reserve 23 Year Old Single Grain Whisky, aged in ex-bourbon, ex-Oloroso sherry casks, and Japanese Mizunara casks.

To sip these whiskies is to let the sounds of ‘60s West Coast jazz wash over you, the cool, controlled musical landscapes of Cal Tjader, Stan Kenton, and Dave Brubeck. Not just a drink, in other words, but a mood, a state of mind, a dream of peace and perfection.

The paradox, of course, is that this effortlessly smooth character is the result of enormous thought, care, and planning shown in the maturation process. 

Nicholas Pollachi, one of the company's three founders and a native of Scotland, has spoken eloquently about blending being as much an art as distilling, but in these three whiskies it is his knowledge of casking that stands out. 

Take that Pure Malt Whisky Nokoribi Kara Lightly Peated 10 Year: it was casked not once, not twice, but three times — in ex-bourbon casks, then in Oloroso sherry casks, and finally in Japanese Mizunara oak casks. Or the Rare Cask Reserve 23 Year Old Single Grain Whisky, aged for two-plus decades in American oak ex-bourbon casks. As for the Nokoribi Kara Pure Malt, Whisky Advocate singled out the way its “flavors of sweet tangerine, gingersnap, and soft toffee” give way to a “second wave of more intense pepperiness, bringing orange peel and ginger on the finish.”

None of these is going to wallop you with their size and strength. But that, to us, is precisely their beauty. The delicacy on display. The incredible, enveloping softness. The way they bear you away seamlessly to a better place.

If you haven't jumped on the Shibui train, now's the time, and if you're already a fan, this is the perfect opportunity to explore three of their finest. But hurry; our allocation is limited!


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