We selected this stunner of a rum in partnership with the savant of spirits, Fred Minnick. Fred, you may recall, is the best-selling author, bourbon baron, and spirits judge who in 2017 pronounced the Velier Foursquare 2006 "the Pappy of Rum," thereby setting off a buying frenzy across the web.

Now, with St. Lucia (SLD, to rum aficionados), he has put his name on the line for another extraordinary single cask rum—a limited-run release that, with Fred’s help, we are fortunate to have procured a very small quantity of (230 bottles, to be precise), and that we are proud to be able to offer today, and at a sizable discount, to our Concierge family.

What makes this such a phenomenal deal?

Let me count the ways—with a h/t to dear old Fred for his insight and expertise.

First, a 21-year-aged spirit is nearly always a worthy find—but this one's a 21-year-aged rum. For each year that a rum is aged, you can more or less multiply by two, because, unlike Scotch, which is produced in cool climes, most rums are made in the tropics, and so age more quickly. In other words, on the palate, this will express itself as something closer to a four-decade old spirit.

But that's not all.

What gives SLD rums their distinctive character is that they are made not with sugar, but rather molasses (along with a secondary source, cane juice), and with multiple yeast strains in the mix, both of which bring uncommon complexity and depth.

And even that's not all.

Each bottle is the product of SLD’s legendary John Dore pot still, and aged in an ex-bourbon cask.

The result? A rum that is big, rich, slightly resinous, and smooth, so marvelously smooth, with subtle, sophisticated spicing.

All these qualities would mark this out as a superior spirit, but you're also going to find something wild in the glass—a hint of something untamed, that speaks of earth and soil and something unknown ... or maybe unknowable.

Hurry; this is sure to go fast!

P.S. You can watch Fred and the selection process here.



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