As aged-spirit enthusiasts scour the world for rare finds, one of the most in-demand spirits continues to be aged rum. Standing alongside the great whiskies, Cognacs and Armagnacs of the world, the best aged rums are providing connoisseurs outstanding value for the highest level of quality and distinction (if they can be found). With production levels, especially in the Caribbean, being microscopic, we're seeing ever-increasing hype when a prized bottling becomes available, which leads us to our offer today. From one of the French Caribbean's most prestigious rum distilleries, we're featuring Rhum J.M and their 10 Year Vintage Rhum Agricole. As the smallest producer of rum in Martinique, Rhum J.M produces some of the highest quality vintage selections coming directly from their estate. With just 200 bottles available of the 10 Year, this is an extremely rare expression of one of the best rums available on the market.


Nestled in the mountains of Martinique, at the foot of the volcano Mount Pelee, Rhum J.M is one of the oldest operating single-estate rum distilleries in the world. Originally owned by Jesuit priest Pere Labat, who operated a sugar refinery out of his home on the Roche River, the property was purchased by Jean-Marie Martin in 1845. After recognizing the superior quality of the sugarcane there as a result of the unique volcanic soil, tropical humidity, and sea breeze, he eventually shifted away from large scale production to focus on producing the finest quality rum in Martinique. It is on this French Caribbean island where rum production follows the rigorous protections of AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) established by the French government, ensuring regional tradition and style as well as the highest quality standards. Unlike most rum distilleries, J.M produces a rum from pure, unprocessed sugar cane juice (termed rhum agricole), rather than molasses. The rigorous standards of AOC also include the stipulation that the sugar cane be pressed within three days of harvesting. Utilizing three types of estate-grown sugarcane, which is pressed within an hour of harvest, in addition to volcanic mineral water from Mount Pelee, Rhum J.M produces an un-aged rum of complexity, terroir and distinction.


Naturally aromatic and full-flavored, the rhum agricole for the 2006 is aged in re-charred Bourbon barrels to their exact specifications for 10 years prior to bottling. With a higher angel's share due to the "tropical ageing" of the Caribbean (resulting in a spirit ageing two to three times faster than those of Europe), the rhum agricole is allowed to naturally reduce and is bottled at cask strength. A boldly flavored single vintage aged rum, the 2006 offers incredible body and texture, with notes of crushed walnuts, pecans and brown sugar as well as leather and tobacco. With only 33 six-packs available at 15% off by the bottle, the 2006 will go fast, so do not hesitate placing orders.   


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