Cyber Monday calls for something special, and Concierge Family, have we got you covered:

Today we bring you a terrific two-fer from the great Bruichladdich.

These are some of the most powerful single malt scotches we've had the privilege of tasting over the past few years.

Did I say powerful? Read on and prepare for your surprise.

First up: Cask #481 Bruichladdich Hogshead, distilled in June 2005, matured in a wine hogshead, and bottled in September 2022 at a gob-smacking 122 proof. We can also tell you that it was made the right way, the pure way, being unchill-filtered with no color added

Its intensity is off the charts, but there is, rest assured, nothing single-note about this dram: it's also got the multi-palette dimensionality that, for us, as for so many others, defines a bottle of Bruichladdich. The drinking experience is as complex as it is powerful, and we love the notes of coconut, dried figs, and spices that have been knitted with such skill and harmony.

Cask #3044 Bruichladdich Hogshead nearly matches it in power. Distilled in September 2009 and matured in a wine hogshead, it was bottled in September 2022 at 116 proof (and, like Cask 481, it is also unchill-filtered, with no color added).

If Cask #481 is rich and complex on the palate, Cask #3044 is delicate and balanced. You'll love the iodine that runs like a vein throughout, and the notes of dark chocolate and almond butter that soften some of the edges of the whisky's bite.

They make a great pair, these two, and that, surely, was what the independent bottler Rest & Be Thankful had in mind when it bottled them. We can tell you that we had many a fine night going back and forth between them. 

In other words: one is wonderful, but two is better, and we hope you'll take advantage of this fantastic offer to add both these powerhouses to your collection. But hurry, quantities are extremely limited!




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