If Cognac is the drink of kings and conquerors — Louis XIII was a fan, as was Napoleon — then you could say that Remy Martin is the drink of stars.

The brooding actor Jeremy Renner has been a brand ambassador. David LaChapelle, the director, created a bottle label. Not one but two Who-men, Pete Townshend and Roger Entwistle, gave the brand a shout-out on their solo albums. In the notorious video for Blurred Lines, the smash written by Pharrell Williams, Robin Thicke, and (ha) Marvin Gaye, Thicke can be seen pouring himself a glass of Remy amid a crowd of revelers.

The result has been to turn the brand into, not just a market leader, but a household name, a product synonymous with its genre. It's little wonder that Remy was named the No. 1 trending Cognac at the 2021 Drinks International, or that it won an Impact Hot Brand Award in 2020.

None of which, by the way, is why we like and support it. We like and support Remy because the company has been making Cognac since half a century before the United States became the United States. It knows a thing or two or three about turning Champagne into a brandy of exquisite complexity and smoothness.

Take this limited edition bottling we were fortunate to secure a parcel of — Remy Martin Prime Cellar Selection No. 16, fewer than 3000 cases of which were released to the U.S. market.

Blended with eaux-de-vie from two of the most sought-after regions of Cognac, Grande and Petite Champagne, both noted for the aromatics of their grapes, it was created to showcase the particular charms of Domaine de Merpins. That's the name for the cellars where Remy ages its brandies. Each cellar is considered unique, prized for the particular character it brings to the drink. Located in the upper-tier of Domaine de Merpins, No. 16 is notably warmer than other cellars, and that warmth is vital to the ageing process, heightening the interaction between the French Limousin casks and the eaux-de-vie and enhancing the oaking.

The result is a marvelously smooth cognac with pronounced notes of vanilla, as well as warm pastry and brown sugar. The finish is quintessentially Remy — long and sustained, with a richness that never flags.

We like it neat, but a drop or two of water teases its intense aromas to the surface.

By the way, if you have a cocktail cart you're going to love the bottling — a dramatic black with smart gold detailing.

It makes for a wonderful conversation piece as you sit and sip with friends, luxuriating in the rich and manifold pleasures to be had from one of the enduring — and justifiably — great brands of the world.

But don't delay — our allocation isn't large, and these prices amount to a serious discount in a surging market.


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