Why Buy: We're perpetually on the hunt for bourbons that stand out from the pack, and man oh man did this special limited-edition bottling from Remus ever wow us. It's a high-octane (111 proof), high-rye medley, drawn from three different mashbills and aged for between 6 and 7 years – a bourbon as big and bold and swaggering as the man it's meant to honor. You don't have to be a baseball fanatic to appreciate it, so long as you understand that this is a towering shot into the upper-deck.

What They're Saying: Remus has been among the most honored bourbons this past decade. Wine Enthusiast named Remus one of the Best 13 Bourbons of 2021, and Uproxx chose its Repeal Reserve Series V as the Best Bourbon Under $100. Repeal Reserve Series IV was named Best in Class at the Whiskies of the World Competition, Series III claimed a Double Gold at the North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition, and Series II took home a prestigious Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The Bottle: Remus produced exactly 10,616 bottles, one for each of Ruth's career plate appearances. And each bottle bears a number.

Specs: Three different high-rye bourbons make up this distinctive blend: one from 2016 (44% rye), one from 2017 (49% rye), and one from 2018 (36% rye). This, too, is an homage: high-rye bourbons were a fixture of the Roaring '20s.

The Homage: This bottling is an official partnership with the Babe Ruth Estate, and will make its market debut in July, to coincide with the Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

The Story: Ruth lorded over baseball in the 1920s, and George Remus was no less a titan in his field. A pharmacist and attorney, he was known far and wide as King of the Bootleggers, and used his knowledge both of the pharmaceutical industry and the law to find loopholes in the Volstead Act that enabled him to dispense booze to the masses for "medicinal purposes." Remus is long gone, but his spirit lives on at this bold and ambitious producer, which distills its bourbons at the historic Ross & Squibb Distillery, just miles from Cincinnati where Remus oversaw his Prohibition-era empire. Unlike in Remus's day, booze is no longer the province of down-low production and sotto voce marketing. It's a fully public enterprise, and scores and tasting notes are shared widely. As lovers of drink, we can be thankful for that. But even more than that, we're grateful that bourbons like this, of such quality and distinction, exist. It's nothing less than cause for celebration.

Our Tasting Notes: We loved the pronounced rye presence, which makes itself felt from the jump. The nose is marvelously alluring, full of spiciness and complexity, with intricate wood and herbal notes. On the palate, too, we reveled in all that the rye provides, giving this rich and layered bourbon its fascinating undertones of spice and oak, and bringing both definition and dimension to the experience. 

ABV: 55.5% (111 proof)

Fun Fact: Remus was Gatsby-esque in more than just having been a bootlegger. At a party for his wife, in 1923, she danced in the water in a scanty bathing suit, along with other minimally-dressed dancers, to the accompaniment of a 15-piece orchestra.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the estate, so rest assured: your bourbon will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Order yours today!


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