Why Buy: Rare Character is among the hottest independent bottlers around, and, as legions of collectors are discovering, doing extraordinary work in unearthing some of the most incredible casks of bourbon and rye in the country. These two bottles of bourbon and rye – high-octane and cask-finished – show their fierce commitment to quality, detail, and extreme deliciousness.

What The Critics Are Saying: At the 2023 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco, Rare Character took home the award for Best Special Barrel-Finished Whiskey, and critics are unanimous in their love for the depth and distinction of these bottles.

The Story: Before launching his own company three years ago, Pablo Moix was just a passionate drinker and collector – albeit one with a vast personal archive that contained some of the rarest, most incredible bottles in the country. A mixologist behind some of the most exclusive and celebrated bars in Los Angeles and on the West Coast, Moix was among the small, venerated crop of booze hounds who had dedicated their lives to so-called "dusty hunting," the pursuit of old, rare bottles (or dusties) in the backrooms of distilleries or languishing at estate sales. Three years ago, he joined forces with a fellow dusty hunter, Pete Nevenglosky of Drifter Spirits, to create Rare Character. Their self-appointed mission: sourcing and often re-casking rare and forgotten barrels of rye, bourbon, and whiskey and then maturing them to create expressions of soulful character and extraordinary complexity. We are all the richer for their inspired collaboration.

Our Tasting Notes: Extraordinary power and richness times two. And what the long, slow maple casking does is to tease out the inherent sweetness in both expressions, enhancing the smoothness of the bourbon and bringing the spiciness of the rye into harmonious balance. In the background of both whiskeys, faint but unmistakable, is a wonderful whisper of smoke, which testifies to the new charred oak barrels that housed them. It's one of the many grace notes that kept us trying to find the exact right words to describe these complex, subtle, and – dare we say it – characterful whiskeys, as we reached, gladly and thrillingly, for another sip.

Fun Fact: Nevenglosky runs an event he calls Tiki by the Sea, a three-day extravaganza for bartenders to immerse themselves in the world of sugarcane spirits and tropical drinks.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your spirits will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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