Why Buy: Quinta do Vesuvio, that stalwart of the Douro Superior, has been crafting ports since before Shakespeare put quill to parchment and evokes a certain gravitas among oenophiles — a bastion of unwavering standards in a world often too willing to compromise. We’ve just acquired two gems that reaffirm Vesuvio's place in the firmament of fine wine: their 99-point 2016 Vintage Port and their 97-point 2017 Vintage Port — two wines that don't just demand a place in the cellar, but command an evening of your undivided attention. This, friends, is port as indulgent luxury, as sanctuary — the kind of bottle that turns an ordinary evening into an escape, a celebration, a renaissance of the senses.


What They’re Saying: Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate awarded 99 points to the 2017 Vintage Port, a stunning achievement and, in the world of port, a rarity. The 2016 Vintage Port moved Wine Spectator to award 97 points and extol its "densely packed," "rolling" flavors and "smoldering," "lip-smacking" finish.


The Story: The name Vesuvio evokes images of nature's raw power, and fittingly so. Since its founding in 1565, Quinta do Vesuvio has stood as a paragon of excellence in the Douro, producing ports of such compelling force and primal energy that they leave an indelible mark on the landscape of fine wine. Vesuvio's 325-hectare estate is hallowed ground, where some of Portugal's oldest indigenous varieties — Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Barroca, and Tinto Cão — thrive in schist soils, their roots reaching deep for water and nutrients. What sets Vesuvio apart, beyond its blessed terroir, is an unyielding commitment to tradition married with an eye toward innovation. It remains one of the only Quintas where grapes are still foot-trodden in stone lagares, a painstaking process that gently extracts color, tannin, and flavor in a way no machine can replicate. This devotion to craft results in ports of singular intensity and staying power. The arrival of the Symington family, in 1989, ushered in a new era at Vesuvio. Forgoing ruby and tawny styles, the producer only releases vintage port or single quinta vintage port, and these only in years that are deemed truly exceptional.


Our Tasting Notes: The 2016 and 2017 vintages show Vesuvio operating at the height of its powers. The 2016 vintage — poised, precise, profound — offers a portrait in scholarly refinement, its sumptuous depths balanced by intricate detail. From the moment it breaches the glass, you know you're in the presence of something extraordinary. Aromas of brambly fruit and sun-warmed earth give way to a palate of exquisite poise —  black plum, bitter chocolate, and woodsmoke woven into a tapestry of such nuanced complexity that each sip is like the careful turning of a prized first edition's pages. The 2017 vintage, by contrast, strides boldly across the palate, commanding your attention with even greater authority. Here is a wine of formidable presence and scale that seems to push the very boundaries of what port can be. Waves of blackberry, cassis, and violet surge forth, yet for all its obvious power there is great balance here, too, and the port retains an inner core of freshness and vibrancy.


Fun Fact: The name "Vesuvio" is no mere affectation. This legendary estate was christened by its founder, António Bernardo Ferreira, who was struck by the way the steeply-terraced vineyards overlooking the Douro River evoked the slopes of that famed Italian volcano.


Our Guarantee: As always, we have acquired these singular bottles directly from the Quinta itself, ensuring provenance as impeccable as the wine within. Act now to secure these glorious collectibles today.



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