Why Buy: It’s not every day that we bring you a vintage from – wait for it – the 19th century. That’s not a typo, folks: we’ve just secured possession of a port from 1888, from an estate renowned across the globe by collectors and critics alike for the remarkable quality and consistency of its ports. Wine Spectator awarded it 98 points, but numbers alone can’t begin to convey its greatness. This is a port you think about long after you've taken your last sip – a port of such depth and dimension that you know you're not doing anything so ordinary as consuming a beverage: you're having an experience; you're being transported


What They're Saying:  "Gorgeous and alluring," Wine Spectator’s James Molesworth wrote, in a 98-point swoon, "with dark toffee, toasted sesame, allspice and cardamom notes that resemble a PX Sherry, only with a less viscous mouthfeel and a much finer edge throughout. The back end pulls in hints of ginger, green tea and powdered clove, imparting lift and cut through the extremely long and suave finish. The mouthfeel is sublime."


The Story: The estate has been family-owned since 1716, or 60 years before the founding of the U.S., when an intrepid woman named Doña Antonia Adelaide Ferreira was shrewd enough to see that buying up lots in the Douro amid an economic downturn was not the height of foolishness but, in many ways, its diametric opposite. Today, Ferreira is hailed as something of a secular saint in the region, and the estate is widely hailed as one of the greatest wine properties in the world. To tour the postcard-perfect vineyards is to see a painstakingly detailed operation: two-thirds are planted in terraces with a single row of vines, and pruned according to the double cordon system. Old vines make up nearly 40% of the vineyards, which are at least 80 years old. Heading up operations is Francisco (‘Xito’) Olazabal Jr., of Quinta do Vale Meão, and you're simply not going to find more knowledge and experience in port-making contained in any one person than this, or a more refined palate.


Our Tasting Notes: Not merely a delivery system for inky dark intensity, this is a beautifully crafted wine. Structure, finesse, precision, complexity and depth of flavor – they're all here, and turned up, way, way up. Its spicing is so deft and delicate, and we loved the way it modulates as you drink, from the exotic notes of cardamom and allspice up front to the ginger and clove on the back end. At the same time, to talk about individual elements is almost a misnomer, because it fails to capture just how seamless and integrated this is. Most impressive of all, to us, is the phenomenal freshness, definition, and lift it possesses, which elevates it into a realm that few ports ever manage to reach, as a drink that transcends category.


Fun Fact: If you ever find yourself in the Douro, you have to visit Quinta do Vallado's wine hotel, tucked in among the gorgeous, sloped terraces of the estate's vineyards.


Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the estate, so rest assured: your port will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Order yours today!



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