The best tawny ports are transportive experiences, crystallizing all the beauty, character, and history of a place into a luxurious slow sipper.


And year in and year out, some of the best of the best belong to the iconic Quinta das Carvalhas, flagship estate of one of Portugal's oldest wine companies, Real Companhia Velha, and one of its most distinguished


Think about this: its Douro Valley vineyards were established before the U.S. was born — 1759 — and the company has been producing port, without interruption, since Mozart was composing his masterworks.


Speaking of which: if this gorgeous 50 Year isn't a masterwork itself, then we don't know what is. 


Dense, complex, brooding, and endless in its layers, this is a tawny port to linger over and get lost in, and we're thrilled to be able to bring it to you for 20% off!


In a 95-point rave for The Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss called it "an impressive" wine, "concentrated and intense," from "its nutty aromas to its wonderful spice and ripe dried fruits."


What has long endeared Carvalhas to critics and connoisseurs is its staggering consistency, and surely that begins with its vines. The estate’s arresting, steep-banked terraces are defined by the age of its vines, some of them extending back more than a hundred years. That high elevation is essential to the process, too, along with a dry heat that provides important stress on the grapes. Beyond the vineyard, winemaking at Carvalhas follows the estate's centuries-old methods: the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed by foot, fermented in traditional cement lagares, and aged in oak.


The Douro remains a richly rewarding region for exploration, and no estate better conveys the beauty, terroir, and character of place than Carvalhas.


And no port better showcases the pride and glory of Carvalhas than this one. Act now to secure yours!




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