Why Buy: This is not a marriage of equals, it's a merger of forces, a union of superstars: Qui Tequila, maker of some of the most premium tequilas in the world (and a brand beloved by both food and wine publications and mixologists), and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, the sushi master with 50 of the world’s most elite, luxury restaurants. The result of their inspired collaboration is a collectors' item of a tequila, a limited-edition, small-batch, barrel-aged and blended Extra Añejo Reserve whose excellence lies not just in the pedigree of the partnership, but – and you can taste for yourself – in the glass.

What They're Saying: The Wall Street Journal has anointed it one of the "Top 5 Bottles to Buy Now," and Forbes put out a long piece about the storied collaboration, calling the release "very special."

The Story: The agave was selected from two harvests deemed to be of unparalleled quality. The resultant distillations were aged in American whiskey barrels (one for 8 years, the other for 10) in hand-selected oak barrels, then blended. As with a pair of luxury shoes, each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity. And as with a painting or drawing in a limited edition series, each has been numbered.

Our Tasting Notes: A tequila of uncommon complexity. Also, uncommon delicacy and silky smoothness. The palate has some of the traits we more commonly associate with a long-aged single malt, among them a wide range of associations that slow, patient sipping calls forth in the drinker, like the delicate touch of white pepper on the nose that then gives way to dried orange, or the way that sweet and savory mingle on the palate, from the notes of cherry and caramel that play against hints of toffee and almond. Throughout, the texture is pure luxury, rich and sinuous, and the finish takes you home on a long carpet of velvet

What to Pair It With: Not all tequilas can play well with food; this one is a star in that regard – no surprise, given that a master chef was so involved in its making. It pairs beautifully with sushi, shrimp dishes, roast chicken, and quiches, and also mixes gorgeously in a range of cocktails.

Fun Fact: As it turns out, tequila is Nobu-san's favorite spirit, and, after a new opening of a restaurant, Forbes has reported, “I love to have a shot with my team as a celebration." 

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your tequila will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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