As more and more good tequilas enter the market from Mexico — in 2020, sales skyrocketed 54% — more and more Americans are discovering the marvelously sublime experience that is aged, small batch, hand-crafted tequila.

Truly, a drink like no other, but one that brings much the same exquisite complexity of a top-flight whiskey or Cognac.

But whereas the best whiskeys or Cognacs will set you back something steep, artisanal tequilas, for all their distinction, are relative newcomers in the marketplace of premium spirits. That means you can turn up some pretty phenomenal deals out there — like this one, from Nicolas Palazzi and the team at PM Spirits, which we're able to bring to you for ... wait for it ... less than $55 a bottle!

In any industry, you put your money on the innovators, the ones who are driving the discussion, and in the increasingly high-stakes world of spirits, Palazzi is one of those. Blessed with a fine palate, a deep network of contacts, and a passion for craft, he's on a perpetual and relentless quest to unearth the best barrels that exist in the market, be they Cognac, rum, Sherry, or tequila. The unifying element in all his various projects, as he calls them, is to bring to his devotedly wide audience not just high-quality spirits — but rather, spirits that are distinctive, that show evidence of painstaking craftsmanship, and that, at their very best, change the way we are made to see an entire category of drink.

In tequila, as in barbecue, slow and low is not just the best method for producing superior results; it is the only method. In this case, a slow, methodical process that coaxes maximum flavor and character from the spirit, with low yields to ensure that craftsmanship is never compromised by volume.

And so it is with this "single oven" tequila, a term meant to signal the small-scale, small-volume operation that produced it.

It was distilled twice, in copper pots, at the excellent Nom 1468, Grupo Tequilero, from 100% estate grown Blue Weber Agave. After resting in bourbon casks, it was bottled with no additives.

You don't hear the word terroir used in conjunction with tequila, but the best single-cask artisanal tequilas bring you an extraordinary sense of character and place. In our tasting, we were struck by many things — its depth, its balance, its complexity — but above all by how much it seemed to convey the mystery and intensity of the land itself.

Anything with PM Spirits involved sells out fast around here — as does nearly any kind of tequila — so act quickly!


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