Why Buy: As you know, we live to bring you distinctive, un-repeatable, and absolutely extraordinary expressions, and these two today are utterly unlike anything you're going to find in the marketplace: both of them from passionate artisans named Rémi, both of them unearthed by the cask hunters par excellence, PM Spirits: a single-terroir, small-batch Fins Bois Cognac VSOP and a single cask, 30-year-aged Armagnac. And did we mention rare? Only 480 bottles of the Armagnac and only 594 bottles of the Cognac exist in the world.


The Specs:

* Rémi Landier: Distilled twice in 2015 using a copper Charentais pot still, it aged for 5 years in French oak plus an additional 6 months in medium-toast new French oak. It was bottled in 2022 exclusively for PM Spirits and the U.S. market.

* Rémi Brocardo: Distilled in 1992, in a mobile Armagnacaise still, this single cask expression aged in a humid cellar for over 30 years.


The Stories:

* Rémi Landier's family traces its winegrowing roots in the Fins Bois area of the Cognac region as far as back as 1890, when his grandfather Julien Girard settled in the town of Cors and planted his first vines. Throughout the 1900s, the family continued to grow their vineyards, and, eventually, to build a distillery. In 1973, the Landiers launched their brand, helmed by Rémi's son, Jean-Yves. Today, the family-owned Cognac house is managed by its fifth generation, Géraldine Landier, and encompasses approximately 250 acres of vines (most of which are planted with Ugni Blanc) in a region of the Fins Bois formerly known as Premiers Bois.

* Rémi Brocardo oversees his family’s 15-hectare estate, Château Lassalle Baqué, in addition

to being a traveling distiller himself. Distilling Armagnac for the likes of Château Arton and L’Encantada in France, as well as rum for Chalong Bay in Thailand, Brocardo has earned a reputation as one of the most skilled young distillers around. Brocardo took over operations of Lassalle Baqué from his parents in 2017. At that time, Armagnac production at the estate, a craft handed down through five generations of the family, had been dormant since 1995. His self-stated mission was to revive the tradition, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary, in particular when you consider how quickly he has achieved the turn-around. 


ABV: Rémi Landier, 45%, with no additives and no-chill filtration; Rémi Brocardo, 47.1%, with no additives and no-chill filtration.


Our Tasting Notes: The Landier cognac struck us immediately with its clarity and definition. But what is so extraordinary about this bottling is that it kept striking us – with its poise and balance, with its caramelly complexity, with its sinuous length. The Brocardo Armagnac impressed us with just how on-brand it was – in other words, how it speaks so confidently and expressively in the house voice. This is a vibrant and alive expression of Armagnac, fresh and fruit-forward, and with its oak notes kept in perfect check throughout. The nutty earthiness you'll find is typical of the Ténarèze region, one of the three terroirs in Armagnac.


Fun Fact: Rémi ranked as the 65th most popular name in France, in 2018 (in the U.S., by contrast, it came in at 575th).

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your spirits will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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