Why Buy: Four extraordinary agricole rums that will have you rethinking what rum is, as you reach compulsively for the next mind-blowing sip. Vinous, which isn't in the rum evaluation business, broke tradition to rate three of these, awarding 95 points to the 2009 Single Barrel Fut, 93 points to the Single Plot Les Mangles, and 92 to the Organic – a testament to the singularity of experience to be had in the company of these incredible rhums.

What They're Saying: "Outstanding," Vinous wrote of the 95-point 2009 Single Barret Fut, describing it as "soft and delicate, with striking complexity." It raved, too, about the 93-point Single Plot Les Mangles, a single-parcel, single-cane rhum: "rich and explosive in feel," with "tremendous depth right out of the gate," it is a "rhum of textural density." About the 92-point Organic, the publication called it an "intense, wonderfully complex rhum" in which the "flavors and textures are dialed up to eleven."

The Story: Located an hour by boat from the mainland of Guadeloupe, on the island of Marie-Galante, Pere Labat is one of 25 distilleries in the French West Indies that produce rhum agricole, made from pressed sugar cane (as opposed to the molasses that is favored by most distillers throughout the world). Nine of those distilleries are in Guadeloupe, and three are on Marie-Galante. Jean-Cedric Brot, whose family goes back generations on the island, typically uses four kinds of cane (red, white, blue, and gray) – all of them hand-cut and brought to the distillery in ox-drawn carts – to produce his rhums

Specs: A 72-hour fermentation yields what is called a vin de canne (wine of the cane) that is then distilled in one of two copper creole columns, with the resulting rhum blanc placed in open-top wooden foudres for 10-15 days. From there the rhums are aged (in the case of the 8-Year and 12-Year, for at least 6 years) in ex-bourbon barrels.

Our Tasting Notes: Quite simply, we have never tasted rhums like these, with this clarity and definition and complexity. At times, the drinking experience is more nearly akin to that of luxuriating over 20-year-old bottles of Bordeaux, and trying to tease out the various notes in the glass and on the palate. The pleasures are intense, and deep, and will have you straining – in vain, we think – for comparisons.

ABV: Single Barrel Fut, 61% (122 proof); Rhum Agricole Les Mangles, 70.7% (141.4% proof); Organic, 71.2% (142.4% proof); 8 Year, 42% (84 proof).

Fun Fact: All of Pere Labat's employees are paid regulated wages, and given yearly raises as well as meal and travel vouchers. A policy of mandated salary equality ensures that men and women who perform the same job are paid equally. Additionally, all employees are afforded retirement compensation.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your rums will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!



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