Why Buy: If you've yet to hop aboard the mezcal bandwagon, these two super-small batch espadín distillations (as blue agave is to the world of tequila, espadín is to the realm of mezcal) are guaranteed to be revelatory introductions, both to the smoky spirit and to the amazing folks at NETA (Business Insider’s No. 1 mezcal brand of 2020). And if you're already well along on your mezcal journey? Well, they'll just affirm for you that we’re in the golden age of the spirit, with no end of distinct and exquisitely-crafted expressions. Like this pair, which will not just anchor you in the cultural moment but also, and more importantly, connect you to something ancient, deep, and true.

The Mission: Here's how devoted NETA is to the mission of small-batch artisanality: nowhere on any of their labels will you find the word "mezcal." Why? Because, to these passionate curators, it simply doesn't speak to the sheer variety of agave distillations that are being produced under this banner, nor to the extraordinary distinctions that exist from expression to expression. Another sign of their devotion: their entire portfolio is sourced from a single, 110-person village in Oaxaca.

Recent Acclaim: Vinepair earlier this week selected a Neta mezcal as one of "The 7 Best Mezcals to Gift This Holiday (2023)," declaring themselves to be "unabashed fans" of the label.

The Story: NETA is less a brand than a curatorial project, a labor of love, intended to showcase the extraordinarily-focused, detailed craftsmanship of over twenty small family mezcal producers in Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, and, more specifically, the 110-person village of Logoche. In accordance with ancient practices, these spirits are never blended, homogenized or standardized. Each production is unique, and bottled at still-strength

Specs: To produce this bottling, Tomás García Cruz and his sons set aside nearly an entire oven’s worth of fully ripe and quiotudo espadín; quiotudo refers to the fact that the agave is cut before it has a chance to flower, which helps to concentrate its flavors and develop a depth of richness. The espadín baked for five days in a conical earthen oven fired by mesquite wood. After fermenting with native yeasts for ten days – two days dry, eight days wet – it was distilled twice in copper pot stills. The process by which Ramón García Sánchez produced his distillation was markedly similar (the most dramatic point of divergence being in the fermentation – 13 days to 11, with 11 of them being dry).

Our Tasting Notes: 

* Tomas Garcia Cruz
Espadín Capón: The floral, tropical nose is deceptive, priming you for a light and delicate expression; but this is anything but. The palate, bursting forth with red fruits, brings surprising intensity and richness, and the meaty mouthfeel is amplified by the nutty, leathery character in the background. And the vein of minerality that runs through it just brings added clarity and definition. 

* Ramón Garcia Sanchez
Espadín Capón: An unfolding experience, beginning with the aromatically alluring nose (with pronounced tropical and herbal notes) and continuing on through to the palate, which morphs from sweet to savory, with hints of grill smoke carrying you to the finish. Here, again, we see a fine thread of minerality that brings tension and energy.

Fun Fact: The word "mezcal" is actually owned by the Mexican government, according to the Mezcal Regulatory Council.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so rest assured: your spirits will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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