We live to bring you awesome deals on the finest spirits in the world, and to be able to come to you today with a single-cask whisky at a bargain of a price—well, we’re practically doing cartwheels over here. 

This is a limited release from the single-cask collection of Montrose & Sons, aged 10 years and non-chill filtered, and evincing all the craftsmanship we have come to expect from this label. Typical of an Islay, it delivers complex, intense flavor without alcohol burn. But it also bears all the hallmarks of Caol Ila (“Cull Eela”), the largest of the 8 distilleries on this westernmost island (and a stunner to tour, by the way, lapped by glittering blue water and framed by lush green mountains). Gentler than Laphroaig, but with more bite than Lagavulin, Caol Ila is marked by its distinctive peat—rich and smoky and, in this bottling, surprisingly gentle, a smoldering fire by the sea. Nothing in-your-face, nothing harsh. This is peat as it should be, strong and unmistakable, but not dominating the mix, one element among many in a complex weave. And to speak of that mix more generally: what is remarkable, here, is the impressive balance the distillers have brought to this iteration—the way its spice and grip is answered with an almost luxuriant smoothness. (It’s worth noting that, on Caol Ila, what whisky isn’t used for single malt goes into Johnnie Walker and other blends—the characteristic balanced peatiness imparting a bit of complexity to widely accessible labels.)

On the nose, you’ll find a fruity and light Scotch, with sweet notes of ripe guava and unsalted butter, along with the rich scent of fresh leather. Charming, salty flavors of cashews and walnuts emerge mid-palate and carry you through the robust and lengthy finish. Give it 15 minutes to breathe, and consider a couple drops of water, which open it up gorgeously. But act now; our single-cask Scotches have been flying off the shelves.



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