Why Buy: We're continually extolling the quality and character of red wines that derive from volcanic soils, and that’s just one of the reasons we love the gracefully-aged, gorgeously-layered, beautifully-finessed Madeiras of Miles Madeira, sourced with Tinta Negra grapes from the rich and varied terroirs of the volcanic island of Madeira. Like the great wines of Etna, these possess an extraordinary depth and complexity, and we are fortunate, and proud, to be able to bring you this stellar showcase of their current portfolio, which — unusual for fortified wines, too often overlooked by the wine press — includes a 95-pointer, a 94-pointer, and a 93-pointer.


What They're Saying: "A blockbuster," Jeb Dunnuck raved over the 1996 Miles Madeira Tinta Negra, in a 95-point review, "full-bodied, concentrated and decadent, yet also light on its feet and impeccably balanced." Wine Enthusiast swooned over the 1999 Miles Rich Tinta Negra Mole, writing, in a 94-point review, that the "workhorse grape of Madeira has been transformed into a deliciously mature wood-aged wine," with spice and dried fruits "lifted" by a welcome acidity..


The Story: Miles Madeira is not just one of the oldest and most-respected names in the world of Madeira; it is a name synonymous among connoisseurs, critics, and collectors with excellence, its label on any bottle a virtual guarantee of superior craft. Known originally as Rutherford and Grant, and founded on Madeira Island in 1814, it has lived many lives as a company. But what has been a constant, through an array of different owners, and world crises of various kinds (the phylloxera devastation that destroyed the vineyards of Madeira, the Great Depression, a bookending pair of world wars) is the fierce and unyielding commitment to excellence in the bottle.


Our Tasting Notes: To annotate our experience, in full, of these ten wines would require several emails, but suffice it to say that our recent tasting held few surprises, and we mean that in the best sense possible. It was an affirmation of everything we have always believed. These are wines that are impervious to all trends and inimical to all faddishness, with phenomenal depth, sneaky finesse, and laser-precise acidity, and several on our tasting panel remarked that the tasting had taken them back two decades or more, to the thrill of their very first encounter with Miles Madeira. Others noted the quality of these Madeiras across vintages and styles, and remarked that it has always ever been thus — that year after year, among the things you can count on in a rapidly changing world, is the unerring consistency and refinement of these beautiful Madeiras.


Fun Fact: Madeira wines were so beloved in the late 18th and early 19th century that it is estimated to have accounted for more than 75% of all wine imported into the U.S. market.


What to Pair Them With: Almonds (whether smoked or roasted), blue cheeses (like Stilton), caviar, chocolate.


Serving Recommendations: The dry and medium-dry styles will show their true character if they're served chilled, while the medium-rich and rich styles call for being slightly chilled. We also recommend pouring any Madeira into a port glass, if you have one.


Our Guarantee: We always buy and source direct, so you can be confident that your Madeiras will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure yours today!


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