Four years ago, surveying a changing whisky landscape, Forbes offered a bold prediction: "Expect big things from Milk & Honey."

That foresight has been borne out, of late, in a succession of triumphs. Last year, M&H Distillery scored three massive victories — a Grand Gold at the International Wine, Beer and Spirits Competition in Frankfurt, a Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and a Gold at the International Spirits Challenge.

Is it any wonder, then, that every release from this comparatively new kid on the block has sold out, with fans around the world searching the web for bottles that have yet to be snatched up?

Their latest release — a limited edition, small batch expression from M&H’s highly-touted Apex Series — won an Icons of Whisky Award from Whisky Magazine in 2021, and is certain to go fast, too.

M&H is part of a growing movement of distillers who are producing whisky in hot climates — in this case, the never-sleep party city of Tel Aviv. As with tropic aging of rums, whisky matures more rapidly (in some cases, three years are more akin to 10), while also, and intriguingly, extracting more of the flavors of a barrel. The result, as many collectors have been finding, is an exciting and complex range of flavors.

For this bottling, M&H’s Head Distiller, Tomer Goren, opted to mature the mash in ex-bourbon and fortified red wine casks, which lends the whisky an oaky depth and resonance, and imparts subtle hints of vanilla and spice. To preserve the cask character, it was non-chill filtered, with no color added, and bottled at 60.4% ABV.

I loved the nose on it, which initially wafted up rich aromas of dark chocolate and raspberry jam. As I lingered over my glass, though, the notes became more complex.. On the palate, it's lush and smoky and sweet — there are decided maple syrup notes in here, along with hints of candied cherry and, on the margins of every sip, warming tones of smoke and spice. The finish leads with a peaty earthiness before giving way to notes of fresh mint and, eventually, a comforting hot cocoa.

I’ve been on the M&H train for a while now, but this might be their finest expression yet -- the work of a distiller in absolute command of his craft.

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