Why Buy: If double-casking has long been a part of the world of bourbon and whiskey, it's rare in the world of tequila, but you can taste the dramatic difference for yourself in this stand-alone, ultra-premium, small-batch sipping reposado from Mayenda, which has pioneered a two-step addition to the tequila-making process (extra oaking and an extra-long maturation), bringing untold aromatic and textural complexity.

What They're Saying: Before coming aboard at Mayenda, Jesus Susunaga Acosta, Mayenda's Maestro Tequilero, headed the team at Cazadores, and Wine Enthusiast declared his tequila-making art to be "just about as pristine as it comes."

The Method: To make this extraordinary sipper, Acosta begins with the unusual step of macerating the roasted piñas in their base distillate to bring the aromas and flavors of caramelized, cooked agave into the mix. From there, this distillate is blended with agave miel, the cherished honey of the plant, to deepen the distillate's flavor profile, and distilled in a copper pot still, the vessel of choice of certain classic whiskey and rum houses for both the robustness and refinement it produces. Now begins the stage of resting and maturity. The liquor is set down in a combination of European and American oak casks. The industry standard is 2 months for all reposado tequilas, but Mayenda ages this for a minimum of 6 months.

The Maestro Tequilero: Acosta doesn't just draw on his 18 years of experience in Jalisco, Mexico. He has traveled and studied Cognac in the great domaines of that region, explored the classic vermouth houses of Italy, and toured the historic whiskey and rum distilleries of Scotland, England, and Caribbean

The Bottle: The detailing that distinguishes Mayenda is not limited to just the spirit. The bottle pays tribute to the great hand-blown glass native to Jalisco, and is anointed with a copper medallion made by the famous Mexican jeweler Mauricio Serrano. Not only that, but all labels are produced from 100% reclaimed agave product.

Our Tasting Notes: Absolutely extraordinary. There are notes, both on the nose and on the palate, that you are aware of as you sip and submit, but we defy you to pick out and identify them: that's how complex and deep the weft of flavors is here. Aromatically, we're put in mind of a Cognac, with its delicacy and refinement. In its power and persistence, its mouth-filling intensity and richness, we’re tempted to compare it to a high-octane single malt or double-distilled rum, though at the same time it's nothing like those. The finish is a marvel of the tequila-making craft, long and sustained and likely, we think, to imprint itself upon your memory.

Fun Fact: Acosta isn't just a Maestro Tequilero; he's also a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, the university where he received a Master's Degree in (yes, believe it or not) Tequila Processing.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the distiller, so you can be confident that your tequila will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Don't hesitate to secure yours today!


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