With Japanese whisky still at its peak, this past year was certainly eventful with the release of some of the most sought-after blends and single cask bottlings. From Yamazaki's peated Essence of Suntory to Hibiki's Blender's Choice, we've been on the lookout for something spectacular to offer our Concierge customers. Enter in Mars Shinshu's Limited range from their Komagatake line - taking a page out of the Yamazaki play book with the release of their 2018 Limited Edition. As Yamazaki thrilled whiskey hunters around the globe with their exciting limited bottlings since its inception in 2014, the news that their highly anticipated 2018 would not be released was disheartening. But luckily one of Japan's most loved small distilleries was ready with a single malt to fit the bill. Unlike Hibiki 17 and Hakushu 12, the Mars Shinshu's Limited bottlings are, as the title suggests, limited, thus not guaranteed to be released annually. The good news is, we were able to secure the last 60 cases in the country for our customers today.
No stranger to distilling, the Hombo family has been creating spirits in Japan for more than 100 years. In 1984 they decided to move their distilling operation to a cooler climate, so they closed their distillery in Kagoshima on the southernmost island of Kyushu and built a new one in the mountains of Nagano. Sandwiched between Japan's soaring Southern Alps and the Central Alps at just over 2,600 feet, Mars Shinshu is Japan's highest whisky distillery. The idyllic alpine setting offers cool temperatures which slows maturation, resulting in stunningly complex, elegant, and smooth whiskies. As the Single Malt Komagatake 2018 Limited Edition is a blend of aged whiskies that has spent at least three years in barrel in Shinshu, the temperature difference is absolutely noticeable. Aged in a majority of ex-bourbon barrels in addition to American oak and sherry cask, this limited edition single malt is Mars Shinshu's first step in creating a house style for their extremely sought after Komagatake line. We're told variations will be released again in 2019 and 2020 as they progress toward the official Komagatake Single Malt style in 2021, but only time will tell if these releases happen or if this limited bottling will meet the same fate as Yamazaki's Limited Edition.  


As one of our favorite Japanese single malt producers, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share Mars Shinshu Distillery's newest release with you today. If you're looking for something truly singular and rare, this one-of-a-kind bottling is right in your wheelhouse. As always with bottlings like these, I have no doubt that this will go quickly. With only 360 bottles available, secure your order before it sells out. 




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