Finding wines of great value, that's one thing. But how many of those fantastic deals can be said to warrant cellaring?

Well, Riojas are a striking, and thrilling, exception, offering an irresistible two-fer of fantastic prices and, as Forbes put it earlier this year, "incredible ageability." Many wine drinkers around the world are still ignorant of the great power of Tempranillo, but collectors know that the best of them, as that trusted oracle for the business and investment class wrote, "can hold up to any great Bordeaux, Barolo or Napa wine when it comes to elegantly aging for many, many decades."

Hear, hear.

And when those age-worthy, superlative-value Tempranillos are made by a legend like Marqués de Cáceres, a fifth-generation wine-making family with roots not just in Rioja but also Bordeaux, well — you have, quite simply, a no-brainer.

Today we bring you two from their exceptional portfolio: the 2016 Gaudium, a 96-pointer and Wine of the Year in Tim Atkins's Rioja 2021 Special Report, which we're offering to our Concierge Family for a best price of less than $44 per bottle; and the 2014 Gran Reserva, a 93-pointer, which we're making available to you for a best price of less than $26/bottle.

Made with 95% Tempranillo and 5% Graciano, the Gaudium showed itself, in our tastings, to be a muscular, rich wine, full of savor and spice, with exceptional definition throughout and a pronounced finish. In keeping with the winemaking traditions of Rioja, it was aged for up to five years before release, and it shows in its maturity and softness. We can see why Atkin was so remarkably high on it. To us, it was everything you hope for when you open a Rioja, and then some. We anticipate it will have a long, multi-decade life. 

The Gran Reserva '14 was similarly aged, spending its final year in French oak, which has imparted a complex toastiness. Atkin called it "beautifully integrated," a point with which we richly concur, calling out its notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, ripe plum, and espresso. "Firm tannins," he wrote, "are tempered with cherry, pomegranate, and rhubarb before savory notes of soy sauce and heather arrive on the finish."

Two beauties. Two steals.

They're going to make great additions to your cellar, or you can ease the cork back on them now. That's one of the wonderful things about Riojas, their now-and-later versatility.

We'll have these on hand at these terrific prices for just this next week, so stock up now!




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