Among cult hit single malt producers, who’s having the run that Milk & Honey is? 

Every release of theirs has sold out, and fans have taken to the secondary market to search for coveted bottles. The critical community is just as smitten. Earlier this year, at the World Whiskies Awards, M&H took home some serious hardware, including "Craft Producer of the Year," "Brand Innovator of the Year," and "Master Distiller of the Year" — this, after taking home two gold medals at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. "Expect big things from Milk & Honey," Forbes wrote five years ago, but who could have foreseen that the big things would be *this* big?

We're proud to say we've been on the M&H Train for a while now, and are thrilled to be able to bring you these two single malts today — two of the most innovative and intriguing single malts that Master Distiller Tomer Goren has ever put his name to, and easily two of the most powerful: 

Their 112-proof APEX Dead Sea and their 120-proof APEX Pomegranate Wine Cask Finish.

The story of the APEX Dead Sea is almost as rich and interesting as the whisky itself. It was four-plus years in the making, beginning in 2018, when Goren embarked upon an unusual experiment. He placed 20 ex-bourbon, ex-red wine, and ex-STR casks filled with M&H whiskey on the rooftop of a hotel near the Dead Sea, and left them there for a year.

Being so far below sea level — nearly 1,400 feet — the spirits lost, as expected, a considerable amount of their liquid. But that loss was, in fact, a gain: a gain in concentration and intensity. And combined with the rapid maturation that occurs in warm climates, the resultant whisky turned out to be unlike any the rising star distiller had ever made.

It's so powerful — 112-proof — and so rich from the year-long experiment in concentration, that a drop or two of water actually becomes necessary to tease out all its layered complexity. The nose brims with notes of marzipan, vanilla, and butterscotch, along with wood and leather. On the palate, the promise of that nose is more than delivered-upon, as you revel in tastes of chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, and allspice. The finish brings a touch of menthol and salinity, and carries its richness to the end.

The Apex Pomegranate Wine Cask Whisky has the distinction of being the first single malt whisky in the world to be aged in fortified pomegranate wine casks. 

Of greater interest to us, though, is that it comes in at a walloping 120-proof, and was non-chill filtered.

As for the headliner fruit, it comes through most clearly on the nose (along with, most memorably, notes of butterscotch, coffee, and green apples). On the palate, the effect is similar to that of raspberry in a Belgian lambic, bringing a juicy, appealingly tangy note that accentuates the taste of dried figs, spice, and oak. The finish is long and dry, and that slight sourness modulates to something mellow and lovely.

M&H is on a remarkable rise, and these two single malts are a powerful testament to the talent, ingenuity, and craft of this young and ambitious distilling team. Hurry to secure yours!


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