Why Buy: When a bourbon rocks our world, we're duty-bound to tell you. And this one – from the legendary brand Rebel Bourbon, using the original 1849 mashbill and sporting a 6-year age statement – had our whole team buzzing. Rich, deep, and exceedingly smooth, it’s a wheated bourbon of tremendous versatility and easy-going companionability. It’s also (and not least) priced to compete with the mid-level standard-bearers (Basil Hayden, Booker's, Bulleit, Blanton's).

The Story: Legend has it that the Rolling Stones went out drinking one night with Billy Idol, and a bottle of Rebel Yell (the company’s erstwhile name) rocked their worlds. So much so that Mr. Idol went and wrote a song about it, one that would go on to become an anthem for Generation X. Less well known is that Rebel Yell was originally bottled by the renowned Stitzel-Weller Distillery, and that its label mates included such luminaries as Old Fitzgerald, W.L. Weller, and Pappy Van Winkle. Today the parent company is MGP, and the bourbon is made at the excellent Lux Row Distillery, in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Specs: The mashbill is 68% corn, 20% wheat, and 12% malted barley.

Our Tasting Notes: It's sometimes easy to forget, in this era of creative oaking and finishing, when distillers are aiming for profiles as novel as they are complex, that there's still a place for the smooth and drinkable. This is the ultimate sidekick, companionable and agreeable. We loved it for its fullness and balance, and the way it reveals itself gradually, like a chaise longue opening itself up. If you like to play mixologist, you'll find that it plays exceptionally well with others, and is especially wonderful in a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Boulevardier.

ABV: 50% (100 proof).

Fun Fact: Rebel Bourbon is the official bourbon of 2-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kyle Bush.

Our Guarantee: We always buy and source directly from the estate, so rest assured: your bourbon will arrive in your hands with pristine provenance. Secure your order today!


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