In the small but mighty community of Armagnac collectors and connoisseurs, few producers create the same stir as independent bottler, L’Encantada. Based in Vic-Fezensac in Southern France, L'Encantada has quickly developed a cult-like following that scours retailers and auctions for rare, get-them-before-they’re-gone releases. And it’s not just hype: L’Encantada releases often feature distillers who are no longer active in production, and the bottles being hunted are the last available in the market. We’re sure you remember L’Encantada’s first ‘Tattoo Series' release from last year—which rapidly sold out. Well, the secret is out! Tattoo Series No. 2 is here, and we’re thrilled to unveil the newest edition for you today. L’Encantada has developed a reputation not only in Armagnac circles, but also among whisky drinkers; fittingly, the second Tattoo Series release is a cask-strength brandy (24- to 36-years old) aged in Gascony oak and ex-Weller Bourbon barrels that would be a trophy on any back bar.


The second Tattoo Series is a partnership with esteemed New York-based tattoo artist Laura Leonello, who has garnered a devoted following in her own right. She named her bottle design “Beacon of Hope,” a fitting theme for our time. L’Encantada Tattoo Series No. 2 is a blend of Armagnac from 10 different casks, including Del Cassou 1985, Lasalle 1986, and De Belair 1989, among others. The oldest spirit in the blend is from 1985 (36 years) and the youngest from 1997 (24 years). As with the first edition, each Armagnac in the blend finished maturation in ex-Weller Bourbon barrels; while this additional aging process introduced a new layer of complexity and distinction, the spirit lost its “Armagnac” appellation of origin. (To be legally labeled “Armagnac,” the spirit must be aged exclusively in French oak.) Apart from the modern finish, the spirit has been left completely unaltered: unfiltered, no additives, and cask strength. 


L’Encantada’s operation started small, after one of the partners was approached by a widow about selling her late husband's casks of Armagnac; the team has since built a reputation on finding under-the-radar producers and expressing Armagnac terroir with unforgettable intensity. The second edition of L’Encantada’s Tattoo Series is a powerful, complex brandy, beautifully housed beneath the artistry of Leonello’s label design. This is another masterpiece for your collection—don’t miss it!




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