When it comes to Armagnac, I can’t think of another producer who creates buzz or hype like cult-favorite L’Encantada: an independent bottler founded by a group of likeminded Armagnac enthusiasts in 2011 to help bring true craft Armagnac to a wider audience. Since foundation, Founders Christelle, Vincent, and Frédéric have searched throughout the region’s tiny estates and long-forgotten barrels to find the best of the best in the world of Armagnac, to bottle these hidden gems and to tell their stories. L’Encantada’s reputation has led collectors to scour retailers and auctions for ultra-rare, often decades-old releases, and it’s not just the hype: L’Encantada releases often feature distillers who are no longer active in production, and the bottles being hunted will be the last available in the market. We offered the inaugural release of L’Encantada’s ‘Tattoo Series’ label a while back, and we heard your response loud and clear: you want more L’Encantada. We’re always happy to oblige and have managed to get a single cask of L’Encantada’s Domaine Del Cassou ‘1988’: a stunning single-estate Armagnac that is amazingly youthful and lively for being more than 30 years old (and considering the age statement, a deal at sub-$200!). The elixir has been bottled unfiltered at cask strength, and has a richness of character and complexity that is, to put it simply, unforgettable. 


The Del Cassou estate (which means “oak” in local dialect) is located in Arthez-d’Armagnac, a village within the greater Bas-Armagnac appellation. Del Cassou’s eaux-de-vies are made exclusively from the Baco grape, championed in Bas-Armagnac for its longevity and structure. Many of the estate’s vines are more than 100 years old, planted by the current owner’s grandfather right after the phylloxera crisis of the late 1800s. This is a tiny estate, and a traveling distiller makes a yearly visit to Del Cassou to distill the wine; each year yields a mere 3-5 casks. The Armagnac produced by Del Cassou Armagnacs are noted for their remarkable purity and fruit-forward character on the nose and palate. The eaux-de-vie from the ancient Baco vines is the star here, and the decades-long maturation in French oak complements without overpowering. The 1988 vintage is incredibly elegant, boasting deep and complex flavors that weave between fresh peach and pineapple, smoky incense,  baking spice, honey, and pepper. 


L’Encantada releases are always “barrel raw,” meaning they’re left unfiltered at cask strength, with no additives or coloring whatsoever. The purity of the spirit (which itself is a testament to the artisanship of the family-run estate and the 100-year-old grapes from which the spirit was produced) is paramount, and one sip of Del Cassou 1988 displays this with resounding clarity. Until we sell out, we’re offering this single-cask, single-estate collector’s gem with special Concierge pricing. Don’t miss your opportunity to secure this treasure before it’s gone for good!



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