Demand for Japanese whisky has never been higher, but as collectors all know, supply has not kept pace. That's put certain distillers into the now-you-see-them-now-you-don't category, as bottles vanish not long after after they have appeared. The great Matsui has long been among this elite crop, and when Jim Murray's vaunted Whisky Bible anointed one of its bottlings as the “Best Japanese Single Cask” for 2021 — elevating it above more than 4,000 entrants — a lot of us thought it would be well-nigh impossible to secure even a small allocation of anything in their product line.

Fortunately for us and for you, our buyers are both savvy and persistent, and today we have the great thrill to bring you their Sakura Cask Single Malt — a dram of exquisite distinction.

Produced at the legendary Japanese Kurayoshi distillery, in Tottori, in the south of Honshu, it began its life, like all Matsui single malts, with water from the natural springs of Mt. Daisen. That water is renowned for its great purity — a quality that conveys in every pristine sip. 

After distillation, it aged for three years in a sakura, a cherrywood cask. In Japanese culture, the cherrywood has often been linked with ephemerality, the passing nature of all good thing and of life. 

The decision to mature it in cherrywood is not merely symbolic (imbuing the single malt with an air of a beautiful thing that will not last for long), it's also practical (you'll detect a faint note of cherry blossoms that teases the nose and lingers on the palate). This light floral aspect combines with the rich malt character to create a dram of great harmony, one that communicates both gorgeous top notes and resonant bass notes.

You'll revel in the blend of earth and wood on the nose, and the gentle sweetness on the palate, reminiscent by turns of pastry, almonds, and citrus. At the same time, this is assuredly a full-bodied whisky; it doesn't simply coat the tongue -- it lingers there.

We like it neat, or with a drop or two of water, and ever-so-slightly chilled.

This is one you don't want to take too long to consider — our last Japanese whisky was only around a matter of hours, and word on this is most definitely out. So, act now!



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