Sub-$50 Single Malt! Amrut’s Former Master Blender Debuts Highly-Anticipated Kamet

Sub-$50 Single Malt! Amrut’s Former Master Blender Debuts Highly-Anticipated Kamet

Sub-$50 Single Malt! Amrut’s Former Master Blender Debuts Highly-Anticipated Kamet  Clear Filters

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If you're up on the latest trends in the world of whisky, then you know that India is beginning to emerge as a player, thanks almost entirely to the excellence of two distilleries: Amrut (whose Spectrum release was named World Whisky of the Year in 2016 by Whisky Advocate) and Paul John (honored by Jim Murray's Whisky Bible with a Liquid Gold Award).

Well, now a third distiller appears poised for a similar trajectory, to judge by the excitement surrounding a recent 92-point review in Whisky Advocate. And we couldn't be prouder to be able to bring it to you today, and at this fantastic price.

Not only is this your chance to get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting, it's also your chance to load up on a superb whisky for less than $50 a bottle — an increasing rarity in the high-stakes, competitive world of top-tier single malts.

The rising star is Kamet, a northern Indian distiller that is meeting the intense demand of its home audience (the biggest whisky consumer in the world) by crafting complex single malts that fully exploit the subcontinent's climatic conditions. The long, hot days dramatically speed the aging cycle, to the point that a year of bottle age in India is roughly akin to three years in Scotland.

But the ability to achieve rapid maturation is not all that Kamet has going for it.

Unlike the two-row barley that is commonly used in Scottish and Japanese whiskeys, Kamet, like Amrut and Paul John, uses a six-row barley (in this case, one sourced from the Himalayas) to impart a spicy, fruity character to the malt. It also uses French yeast for fermentation, which only accentuates those fruitier flavors. For roundness and complexity, the distillers don't rely on a single cask — instead, they employ a medley: generally, a combination of ex-Sherry casks (Pedro Ximenez & Oloroso), ex-wine French oak, and (for softening and sweetening) ex-Bourbon American oak. The finish is provided by another type of cask — ex-Bordeaux oak casks, which bring a decidedly vinous character.

Production and blending were overseen by two living legends in the industry: Master Distiller Surinder Kumar, who launched the enormously successful single malt program at Amrut — thereby almost single-handedly birthing modern-day whisky-making in India — and Nancy Fraley, who is the Director of Education of the American Distilling Institute.

On the palate, the complexity of that oaking is unmistakable, and you will find yourself tempted, as you take that first sip, to try to isolate the presence and effect of each of these different casks, along with the aromas of black currant, white pepper, and licorice. But then the dram opens up to let in other notes, of tightly-woven spices, of sweet dried fruits. The finish is chocolatey, almost fudgey, with a smoothness that compels you to settle back and luxuriate.

This is a stellar example of the distiller's craft, and a dram you will return to again and again this winter. We’d also encourage you to add Kamet to a blind tasting of single malts from Scotland and Japan, and have a little mischievous fun with your friends.

Either way, great pleasure awaits you.

Order yours now!


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