As one of the world’s most recognized and celebrated Scotch producers, Johnnie Walker limited releases are some of the most anticipated and most gifted in the world of Scotch whisky. In honor of their 200th anniversary, Johnnie Walker has crafted a series of exceptional limited-edition anniversary bottles that the whisky world has been anxiously awaiting. We are thrilled to be part of this release and offer our Concierge customers access to ‘John Walker & Sons Celebratory Blend,’ inspired by one of Johnnie Walker’s breakthrough historical moments: the launch of ‘Old Highland Whisky’ in the 1860s, which was the brand’s first to be internationally exported from Scotland. Using only whiskies from distilleries that were operating at that time, the whisky was bottled at 51% ABV—uncharacteristically high for Johnnie Walker Scotches—to match the style in which many Scotches were produced prior to the early 1900s. Created as a snapshot of a past time, the whisky is complex and rich, offering a myriad of flavors that weave between baking spices, roasted almonds, and dried fig and raisin, with a subtle peat note and pepperiness on the finish. The ‘Celebratory Blend’ gift box opens to reveal a backdrop of the only existing image of John Walker’s Kilmarnock grocery store, where the story began 200 years ago. This whisky is an unbelievable value at sub-$75, and our inventory is limited. Act quickly to secure your bottle before we sell out! 


In 1820, John Walker opened his eponymous grocery store, stocked with a selection of single malt whiskies. Unable to ignore his perfectionistic nature, Walker started blending some of the single malts together to create the ultimate—and consistently delicious—whisky. His experiment proved extremely popular, and the rest is history. In the words of the distillery, now overseen by Master Blender Jim Beveridge, “a lot may have changed since those early days, but the one thing that has not is the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of Johnnie Walker.” 

Indeed, the creativity and quality of the limited editions over the years have undeniably solidified Johnnie Walker’s reputation as one of the industry’s best, and even Hollywood has taken note. Set to air across Discovery’s brands this November, The Man Who Walked Around the World is an independent documentary directed by Oscar-nominated director Anthony Wonke. The new feature explores how a brand can become an icon in popular culture, and uncovers how, after 200 years, Johnnie Walker remains as relevant as ever. Don’t miss your opportunity to collect this 200th anniversary limited-edition release before it’s gone for good!



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