Why Buy: Johnnie Walker goes Japanese? Not quite. But the best-selling luxury blended Scotch maker in the world has embarked on an epicurean journey with world-renowned chef Kei Kobayashi — the first Japanese chef to be awarded 3 Michelin stars, for his Paris restaurant Kei — to create a stellar Scotch for its premier Blue Label series that delivers that distinctive, rich, unpindown-able taste we think of when we think of umami, the so-called fifth taste. The result, intriguingly, is a Scotch that pairs astonishingly well with a wide range of savory dishes, including smoked, grilled meats and roasts.

The Story: When Johnnie Walker's esteemed Master Blender, Emma Walker, reached out to master chef Kobayashi, a single question guided their collaboration: could they create a Scotch that tasted like nothing so much as itself, and so rich and meaty that it would all but beg to be partnered with hearty, savory cooking? They have succeeded wildly with this limited-edition expression, made from selected casks of inland and coastal distilleries that were hand-picked at the height of their maturation. That selection process was rigorous  — only one in 25,000 casks, Walker and Kobayashi estimated, possessed the character that would contribute to the umami taste they were seeking.

Our Tasting Notes: You might expect a Scotch that aimed for an umami character to be intense or to overwhelm, but this one is just the opposite: it has a mellow balance, finding the equilibrium between sweet and savory with ease, and delivering a wonderfully smooth and sumptuous experience on the palate. We loved its notes of blood orange and red berries, with just a hint of smoked meat trailing behind them, and the throughline of salt and pepper that carries you all the way to the long, savory finish.

Recommended Pairing: Ice cold, with caviar, or with a grilled and juice-dripping tomahawk or T-bone steak.

Proof: 86.

Fun Fact: According to Forbes, chef Kobayashi is "the first non-French chef to join an elite canon in Paris: Only 10 restaurants in the city boast the three-star rating."

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