Bourbon hounds, this one's for you:

To celebrate its silver anniversary, founder Trey Zoeller of Jefferson's Bourbon has gifted us all with this limited-edition stunner — a gorgeously rich blend of 5 bourbons: a 14-year-old Tennessee Straight Bourbon, an 11-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, an 8-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a Wheated Double Barrel Bourbon, and a Rum Cask Finish Bourbon.

Clocking in at a powerful 102-proof, it doesn't lack for size or strength, but what knocked us out about it was its incomparable smoothness and balance — the way its complex spice notes are answered by waves of molasses and brown sugar sweetness, or the way the round, banana undertones on the palate are met by hints of deep, resiny wood. 

Jefferson's matured it in freshly-drenched Jefferson' Ocean barrels — in other words, in barrels sourced from the distiller's own line of whiskeys aged at sea — and you can credit that inspired finishing touch for a good deal of the bourbon's surprising softness and length.

By the way, if the name Marian McLain doesn't immediately leap to mind, don't worry. It likely won't for anyone not named Zoeller. The name honors his eighth-generation grandmother who, as Zoeller told the Whiskey Raiders website, is "the first documented bourbon maker in the American whiskey business."

That documentation derives from an event that has become a celebrated part of family — and Jefferson's Bourbon — lore. Less than a quarter century after the Declaration of Independence, McLain, struggling to support her family, was arrested for "the production and sales of spirituous liquors," otherwise known as moonshining and bootlegging.

Zoeller is proud of her toughness, and applauds her fighting spirit.

And we applaud him for the ambition and tenacity to make it to 25 years in the business, and to keep putting out such daring and exciting blends as this one.

If you love good bourbon, folks, this is one you surely don't want to miss out on. But hurry; our allocation is limited, and bourbons disappear fast.


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