If you’re up on your whiskeys, then you know that the Isle of Jura Distilling Co., is turning out some straight-up gems of late  — including this 18 Year single malt, awarded 95 points at the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. 

“An enigmatic scotch,” the judges wrote, noting its “beautiful” contrasts and intensities. 

For much of its history, this tiny village off the coast of Scotland was more known for its remoteness than its commerce or craft. "Extremely unget-at-able,” wrote George Orwell, who, in 1948, completed his masterpiece of authoritarian rule, Nineteen Eighty-Four, on the island.

Only 60 miles from the mainland, it boasts only one road and only one pub. And only one distillery, too.

But thanks especially to Isle of Jura’s recent crop of excellent limited editions and impressive age statements, the nearly two-century-old distillery is on a remarkable rise, and would appear poised to join the ranks of Scotland's elite.

This one was created with a blend of both peated and unpeated spirits, then treated to a two-step finishing process. After aging in American white oak ex-bourbon barrels, it was housed for a stretch in Premier Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux barrels. 

The result? An appealing marriage of depth and balance, with a rich and enveloping warmth that makes it sublime for long nights of slow sipping. 

Up front, you'll find notes of cake, peppery spice, preserved cherry, salted chocolate, roasted figs, and jam, along with a decided herbaceous presence. In the background, a subtle smokiness lurks, along with a marine salinity. The finish is gorgeous, especially if you're a Bordeaux lover — you'll revel in the influence of oak and a tannic character that lingers lightly on the palate. 

And with apologies to Orwell, this transportive single malt is extremely “get-at-able” ... but only if you act quickly!


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