This gorgeous sparkling Vidal comes with some major hardware: a prestigious double gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in 2018. With that honor, the distinguished and decorated Inniskillin just adds to its legend. Hailed as one of “The World’s Most Admired Wine Brands” in 2018, 2019, and 2020 by Drinks International, this distinguished Canadian estate has long been a critic darling, year after year earning the highest commendations for the definition and expression of its wines. Its ice wines are a particular point of pride, and today’s is a rare and irresistible find—combining the mouth-filling richness of a Sauternes with the liveliness and refinement of Champagne. But hurry: our stock won’t last long.


Outside of Canada, ice wines can be divisive, but devotees revere them for their remarkable depth and length. That complexity is built slowly in the winemaking process. It takes six times the number of grapes to produce an ice wine as it does a typical table wine, which creates the rich, concentrated flavors that are their signature. And because fermentation is stopped early, the grapes, typically harvested at around -10 degrees, aren’t just sweeter: they also carry an almost nectar-like bouquet. Crafted by veteran winemaker Bruce Nicholson from the underappreciated Vidal grape, this expression is particularly luscious, full of honey, apricot, and apple on the nose. But what keeps us coming back to it again and again is its elegance and finish. Sweet? Yes. But a refined and controlled sweetness that never feels cloying, thanks to a gentle effervescence and a vibrant, balancing acidity.


The obvious pairing, here, is dessert—and truly, it’s magic with a crème brûlée or fruit tart—but if you keep an open mind, a world of possibility awaits. Break it out for a bowl of red Thai curry or a plate of kung pao chicken, and you will find a marvelous dance partner, its sweetness and richness a natural counter to all those waves of bold spice. And we have yet to find a cheese plate that it won’t instantly elevate; load your board up with a soft, ripe Cabrales or a creamy Maytag blue cheese...and prepare for alchemy. Special Concierge pricing will be available for one week only!



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