Some of the most rewarding wines in the Cote de Beaune are undoubtedly those of Volnay. They are the epitome of elegance – seductively feminine, supple and fragrant, and certainly standing out among the reds of the region. More closely in tune with the wines of Chambolle-Musigny in the Cote de Nuits, Volnay plays a perfect foil to the rustic, muscular wines of neighboring Pommard. Conspicuous and striking, they are often described as ‘the lipstick imprint of a kiss.’ Their soft, velvety-smooth tannins are  matched by a distinct aromatic intensity that exudes sophistication and finesse - characteristics so aptly recognized by Louis XII of France, who inherited the area after the collapse of the House of Valois, Dukes of Burgundy, in 1477. After taking inventory of his newly acquired land, the documentation of the top sites (known today as top Premier Crus) secured the wines of Volnay a place at the royal table. 

Situated high atop the hill of Chaignot, the village occupies narrow, steeply sloping land with highly valued vineyards that have been utilized and capitalized on for centuries, from the Knights of Malta to the Kings of France. As one of the smaller villages, Volnay is split with Pommard on one side and Monthelie and Meursault on the other. On either side of the Beaune-Autun road lies Premier Cru vineyards with a complex geology that has come to define the region. In general, the soils are lighter here which directly lends to the delicacy of the wines. Our wine today brings us to the Meursault side of the village, on the border of Les Caillerets and En Chevret – the commune of Santenots. The land lies on Bathonian limestone; an incredibly hard soil that is red in color and comprised largely of stones, much more suitable to red wine than white wine. Of the thirty-five Premier Crus in the region, there are a handful that stand head and shoulders above the rest and one such climat is Les Santenots du Milieu, the source of our wine today. Here at the southern end of Volnay is where you can find some of the best wines with the purest expression of fruit. Taking on the qualities of velvet rather than silk, the wine is intriguing and seductive with an underlying structure that is engulfed in a cloak of finesse. Compared to the surrounding climats, it produces the richest and fullest styles of wine with incredible depth and wonderful ageability.

Today our 2017 Volnay-Santenots 1er Cru Cuvee Gauvain is named after one of the most generous donors of the Hospices de Beaune, Bernard Gauvain, who bequeathed the entirety of his possessions to the Hospice de la Charité in 1804. For one week, or until sold out, we’re offering this top Volnay that we acquired at this year’s Hospices de Beaune auction. As a future, the wine is still aging gracefully in barrel at the négociant’s cellar in France and will ship directly to you from Beaune in 2019.



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