Today’s wine is one of my personal favorites, a Premier Cru site just north of Volnay, from a village boasting the best red wines of the Cote de Beaune following Corton – Pommard ‘Les Epenots’ Cuvee Dom Goblet 2017. There’s no denying it, Pommard stands apart from just about any other red Burgundy. It’s the only village I can nail (almost) every time in a blind tasting, as they are among the most tannic and robust wines in the region. And though they may not be the most expensive or most coveted of Burgundy’s treasures, they certainly make up for it with their distinctive style - starkly contrasting the soft feminine wines of neighboring Volnay. Unfortunately, there’s just not that much of it. Though there’s no cheap Pommard, you can certainly say it’s a value in terms of Burgundy (definitely lower than Cote de Nuit on price point) and for those looking for something with a little more muscle, you’ve found your match.

Pommard has a long reputation for its superb wines, and though there are no Grand Crus here, there are exceptional Premier Crus that would top the list of contenders for Grand Cru status if a change in hierarchy were to ever take place. Les Petits Epenots is located on the south side of the village of Beaune, where the incline becomes drastically steeper, rockier, and redder in color as the slope progresses. Further down, just below Epenots on the Beaune side, the limestone soils contain much more stone and pebbles, thus increasing the drainage which lends to the distinct character found in top Epenots. There is a high percentage of limestone here and its reaction to clay produces the typical sturdiness and richness that is characteristic of this historic region. Though there’s continued debate regarding which Premier Cru parcel is best, there’s no denying Les Petits Epenots superiority as some of the top producers of Burgundy source from this highly acclaimed vineyard site.

Generally speaking, Burgundy is known for its ethereal elegance, yet the wines of Pommard always tend to be evocative of deep, dark fruits of blackberry, cherry and ripe plum with firm, mouth-filling tannins and intoxicatingly delicious aromas of freshly turned earth and leather. Instead of the floral, delicate perfume of its neighboring Volnay, Pommard always seems to be more burly, rustic and ruggedly handsome. Reminiscent of the dense meatiness of Nuit St. Georges with the dial turned up, it’s the perfect wine for pheasant, duck, or really any game bird, but you can’t help but love it all on its own. For one week, we’re offering you the first opportunity to purchase from our allocation of 2017 Hospices de Beaune’s Pommard ‘Les Epenots’ Cuvee Dom Goblet for the lowest price in the country. This offer is valid for one week or until sold out!



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