When Thomas Jefferson visited Meursault in 1787, he was told there was “too much stone” in the soil for red wine – and that’s just fine as Meursault produces some of the richest yet most balanced, influential whites in the world. A standout among Burgundies, there are very few places where Chardonnay does better than it does here, with excellent soils of marl and limestone planted with vines by monks of the abbey Citeaux as early as 1098. It is Meursault rather than Puligny-Montrachet which is the heart of the famous Hospices de Beaune’s white wine holdings and although containing no Grand Cru vineyards, the quality of Meursault’s whites from its best Premier Crus is seldom surpassed – the finest being Les Perrieres, Les Charmes and Les Genevrieres. Today’s wine, from Les Genevrieres, is an outstanding example of opulence and elegance, a distinguished Chardonnay that is a must for anyone’s collection to lay down and age for decades.
The history of Meursault is rich and storied, enhanced with a gift from Duke Odo II of Burgundy to the Cistercian abbey at Citeaux in 1102. Further donations resulted in Meursault becoming one of the most important viticultural territories of Citeaux. The commune itself has two distinct sections, north and south, divided by the village. Among 30 Premier Crus, top producers such as Comtes Lafon, Coche Dury and Guy Roulot seek out those south of the village and closest to the hamlet of Blagny, where the soils are lighter in color, rocky rather than pebbly and include the climats of Les Perrieres, Les Charmes and Les Genevrieres. Although the wines of Les Perrieres are often considered the richest in style, the wines from the slopes of Les Genevrieres come close, often flashier and lusher, less steely with wonderful elegance. Today’s wine comes from Les Genevrieres Dessous, an area further down the slope of the climat and is composed of vines from Les Cent Vignes and Les Teurons, which were respectively planted between 1953 and 1975, and 1950 and 1955.
The cuvee gets its name from Philippe Le Bon, Duke of Burgundy in the early 15th century, and the wine itself is absolutely exquisite. With rich, ripe fruit and flavors of hazelnut and citrus balanced by lively acidity and minerality from the soils, this is a showstopper of pure aromatics and unctuous texture. For one week only, or until sold out, we’re offering this top Meursault that we acquired at this year’s Hospices de Beaune auction – still gracefully aging at the negociant’s cellar in France. Keep in mind when placing orders, this will ship directly to you from Burgundy in 2019, with 6 bottle orders in their original wooden case.



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