If you think Hennessy is just for rappers and world-class athletes, think again.

2Pac, Nas, Biggie, Kanye, and others have name-checked it in over 1,000 songs, true —- but you don't get to be the world's largest cognac producer (more than 100 million bottles sold per year, and counting) by appealing only to a niche audience.

No, Hennessy is popular with *everyone*, and for the most basic of reasons: it makes a mighty fine Cognac.

Even its most ardent fans don't know that Maison Hennessy is an 8th-generation venture that produces no less than eight different kinds of Cognac. And as we tell people all the time: if you're acquainted only with their entry-level brandies, their top of the line bottlings will come as a revelation.

Like this jewel in their portfolio, which we're so thrilled to have just secured for our Concierge Family: their Hennessy XO Kim Jones Limited Edition

This is the maison's original Cognac, made from an eaux-de-view that was aged for at least six years in Limousin oak casks. The casks, wrote Forbes, were chosen expressly for "their ability to mature" the Cognac "to great roundness over time." 

The publication went on to gush over the final product, calling it "a brooding but smooth sip."

"Yes, and," as they say in improv.

On the nose, it's as complex as Cognac gets, with dried fruit, oak, spice, and leather all knitted into a single, heady whiff. The palate is just as intricate. You'll revel in the depth and intensity of its rich flavors (principally, of vanilla and caramel, but with hints of spice for needed balance) and the way that it carries its energy all the way through to the long, pleasurable finish.

And just a quick note on the bottling: in this, the latest installment of their series with Kim Jones, the renowned British fashion designer behind Dior Men and Fendi, the iconic Hennessy bottle is wrapped not in its customary crinkled gold paper but swaddled in a dynamically swirling gold carafe.

The look and taste of indulgence, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it.

We're able to extend special Concierge Family pricing for the next week only, so act now to secure this luxury getaway for yourself.


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