Why Buy: To come across such consummate craftsmanship at such accessible prices is becoming all too rare. But the mission of Halos de Jupiter — a passion project launched by the legendary winemaker Philippe Cambie — has long been to deliver knockout wines that can be enjoyed when they're young, and that are affordable enough to keep on hand at all times. And these two, from Cambie's final year — a Châteauneuf du Pape and a Gigondas — are as delicious and rewarding as anything we've sampled in recent memory from this small, terrific label.


What They're Saying: Jeb Dunnuck, who christened Cambie a "superstar oenologue," reviewed both wines, calling the Châteauneuf du Pape  "outstanding" and describing it as an "impeccably made wine" with "textbook aromatics of red and black fruits, iron, graphite and assorted meaty nuances" and "ripe and nicely integrated" tannins. The Gigondas, he wrote, is, likewise, "outstanding," a "spicier and more complex (wine) with a great bouquet of blue fruits, herbs de Provence, sandalwood and spice box. It shows more red fruits with time in the glass and is medium-bodied, has a great, concentrated mid-palate, and ripe tannins."


The Story: Wine Spectator eulogized Cambie as "one of the most influential winemakers in the Southern Rhône Valley," a statement that, for all its loftiness, strikes us, nevertheless, as a bit of an understatement. Cambie was the consulting force behind the 21st century successes of Domaine Giraud, Les Cailloux, Clos St.-Jean, Domaine St.-Préfert, Vignobles Michel Gassier, and many others. The region he knew and loved best was Châteauneuf Du Pape — he was often referred to as the Michel Rolland of the Rhône — and his clients came to revere him. Gassier said, of Cambie's philosophy as a consultant: "He helped us make our wines, not his." With Halos de Jupiter, founded in 2007, he sought to bring Southern Rhône to the attention of a wider audience. Not only did he do that, but he maintained the same high standards of winemaking that had built his reputation. Above all, he paid attention to terroir, and let each varietal and each vintage dictate the terms. These wines carry forth that vision. They speak in different tongues, and with a different point of emphasis, but they are fundamentally different expressions. Cambie left us in 2021, but his mantle, fortunately, has been taken up by the great Michel Gassier and his daughter Isabel. 


Our Tasting Notes: Seamlessness was one of Cambie's calling cards, and it was evident right away in our tastings, in particular the Châteauneuf du Pape. All the grapes were destemmed and brought up in neutral 600-liter Burgundy barrels, giving the wine a wonderful sense of purity, in addition to the heft and chew we expect of a Châteauneuf du Pape. Above all, we were struck by the fact that the two wines that had so fully realized their potential. The Gigondas, made from ancient, high-altitude plantings of Grenache and Mourvèdre, is a big, swaggering wine that possesses an almost stupefying degree of concentration and intensity for the price. But there's more than just enormous size and depth. We reveled in its juiciness, savor, and wave after wave of spice.  


What to Pair Them With: Both are wines of great power and boldness, and call for equally powerful, bold flavors. Their defined tannins make them great matches for lamb, a grilled rib eye, braised meatballs, sausage and peppers, roast duck, and cumin lamb noodles. 


Fun Fact: Isabel Gassier, who, with her father Michel, makes the wines at Halos de Jupiter, has more than a passing connection with the winery. She received her training from Cambie.


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