Why Buy: More than great ports, these are great wines: expressions of exceptional beauty, consummate craftsmanship, and rare profundity that showcase the power and glory of long, gracefully-aged port and demonstrate yet again why Graham's stands at the very pinnacle of its industry. The 2017, 2000, and 1994 vintages— respectively, a pair of 98-point titans and a big, bold 96-pointer revered for its "addictive hedonistic quality” — represent some of the crown jewels in Graham's historic trove, while the 2012 Quinta dos Malvedos is the latest in a long, long line of Graham’s “heritage” gems. 

What They're Saying: Decanter praised the 2017 vintage, in a 98-point swoon, for its "expressive, super-ripe nose," its "rich, velvety and voluptuous" palate, and its "ripe, broad, mouthwatering finish." Wine Spectator was equally enamored of the 2000, declaring it "one of the wines of the vintage," "plush, ripe, and really packed." The 30-year-old, from 1994, wowed The Wine Advocate at the time ("powerful, and rich, with an addictive hedonistic quality," it wrote, in a 96-point rave).

The Story: This port powerhouse can trace its roots back to 1820, when a couple of savvy Scottish trading families perceived that the Douro Valley's terroir was tailor-made for fortified wine and purchased several plots of land that remain part of Graham's holdings to this day. Over the decades, as the port trade boomed, Graham's deftly cemented its reputation for the most sophisticated, most enduring ports money could buy, thanks in large part to its obsessive, fanatically detailed focus on quality. Not even the devastation of the phylloxera crisis, which saw many other port houses collapse, dimmed its star. Graham's tenaciously replanted and rebounded, determinedly upholding an unbroken 200-year tradition of wine-making mastery that reaches its apex in bottles like these.

Our Tasting Notes: To truly enumerate all the extraordinary qualities of these four Graham's vintage ports would require far more space than we have here. Suffice it to say that in our recent tasting, what stood out, again and again, was their deep soulfulness and extraordinary elegance — those rare attributes that separate the truly transcendent from the merely very good. From the intoxicating richness and velvety opulence of the 2017, to the powerful intensity and head-spinning complexity of the legendary 2000, to the graceful melding of fruit, earth and spice in the 1994, these are peak achievements of the idiom, a taste of tradition that feels anything but dated. The 2012 Quinta dos Malvedos, meanwhile, is remarkable for the way it manages to bring so much soulful depth and intensity, while also delivering such energy and freshness.

What to Pair Them With: Sure, these beauties can be admired solo, but we’d also recommend partnering them with some of life's most decadent treats. Robust preparations of game, nutty aged cheeses, and exquisitely rich chocolate desserts can make for some magic matches.

Fun Fact: Foot-treading was the age-old method of grinding the grapes to make ports. That’s no longer the norm throughout the industry, but Graham’s and others have replicated the method of yore with their stainless steel lagares, which mimic the crushing technique.

Our Guarantee: We’ve secured this quartet directly from Graham's cellars to ensure that every bottle arrives with pristine provenance. Don't delay — treasures like these aren’t going to stick around here for long.



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