You may know the name Gouden Carolus as a maker of beer, more specifically, of a Belgian "brown" and a Tripel that inarguably belong in the pantheon of essential beers from that great beer-producing nation. But you might not know that they also make a single malt whisky, distilled from the mash of their tripel. It's only in recent years that this whisky has begun to make its way to the U.S., and let me say -- we are all the richer for it.

Matured in a first-fill bourbon cask and finished in a het anker cask (i.e., an ex-wine cask which has been scraped and charred), this is a dram of enormous complexity and refinement, with sneaky power (it’s 92 proof), and a taste as rich and balanced as its source. 

For the next week only, we are able to offer it to our Concierge Family for less than $60 a bottle! — a jaw-droppingly great value, in a market where exquisitely crafted single malts can go for three to four times that price.

The legion of fans for Gouden Carolus beers constitutes a small nation, and a new community is growing up fast alongside it: devotees of their single malt. Since the launch of its whisky program, in 2013, Gouden Carolus has won 20 international awards, including a Gold at the International Spirits Challenge in 2017 and a "Spirits Business Master" at the World Whisky Masters that same year.

As Belgian beer aficionados know, tripels are straight-up powerhouses, owing to the fact that they begin with three times the amount of malt as other beers, and are subjected to high fermentation. That power is the starting point for this single malt. It was double-distilled through a wash still and spirit still, both custom-made and hand-hammered. In keeping with the Gouden Carolus commitment to preserving the distinctive, natural character of its products, it was non-chill-filtered, with no color added.

Gouden is the Dutch word for "golden," and if you're like us, you'll find yourself describing this as "golden" again and again — in part, because of its gorgeous natural color: truly, a liquid gold. On the nose, this is light, fruity, and floral, with hints of vanilla and candy at the edges. On the palate, that lightness continues, though it would be a mistake to think of it as only light; there are surprising depths here, a function — as you can probably guess — of that complex casking, which adds roundness, depth, and even a touch of pleasing bitterness that only accentuates the notes of fruit. 

Give this one a teeny drop of water, and it becomes both lighter and more concentrated: a remarkable thing, indeed. 

This is the perfect dram for those moments with friends or family when you don't want anything too intense — when you want to maintain all of your faculties, but with just a little bit of the edge taken off.

As I said, we will only have it for the next week, so don't miss out on a wonderful opportunity to add this beautifully distinct and incredibly-priced single malt to your collection now.




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